Let’s be honest here, first dates either make or break a relationship. If you’re a busy college student, which most of us are, you probably don’t have the time or the budget to sit through an elaborate three-course meal at a hip downtown restaurant.

Here are 5 perfect spots near campus to consider for your first date.

1. Agua Verde

First Date

Photo courtesy of @sagadining on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Mexican food (who isn’t?), skip Chipotle and consider Agua Verde for your first date.

Agua Verde operates as both a restaurant and a paddle club. Come on a sunny day, rent a double kayak, and later indulge yourselves with some delicious fish tacos. They also have an outdoor patio with a killer view of Portage Bay. If that doesn’t impress your date, I don’t know what will.

2. Full Tilt

First Date

Photo by Sara Sagadiev

If you’re not into the classic “dinner and a movie” first date, we’ve got you covered. Take your date to Full Tilt for an evening of ice cream tasting and strolling around Ravenna Park.

3. Sweet Alchemy

First Date

Photo courtesy of @sfoo.d on Instagram

If you like the idea of ice cream eating and strolling, also consider taking your date to Sweet Alchemy. Ice cream might not be the only thing you’ll hold on the way to Gas Works Park.

4. Cedars Restaurant On Brooklyn

First Date

Photo courtesy of @cedarsonbrooklyn on Instagram

Cedars is certainly fancier than other restaurants on the Ave. If you are in the mood for taking your date to an upscale yet affordable place, Cedars won’t disappoint. Aside from its delicious Indian food, it offers a calm, romantic ambiance. Truly a perfect date spot.

5. Ugly Mug

First Date

Photo courtesy of @angelcheyenne on Instagram

If you’re looking for something cute and cozy for someone cute and cozy, Ugly Mug is your ultimate destination. Space is limited, but, hey, all the more to reason to snuggle up with that special someone.

Ugly Mug’s staff does incredible latte art, so treat your date to a green tea latte with a heart on top. I guarantee that’ll land you a second date.