Ithaca’s coffee scene is rockin’. Food standards are incredibly high in our little town, and that has flowed into our cups o’ joe. I have compiled a list of the 5 best spots in Ithaca to grab your morning (or afternoon or late night) java. Happy sipping!

1. Gimme! Coffee


Photo by Devon Tyler

Gimme takes the cake. This famous little coffee shop was started in 2000, right here in Ithaca, and has now expanded to seven locations, three of which are in New York City. All of the spaces are unique and give off a cozy, inviting feeling. In 2006, the New York Times named Gimme! among the best espresso bars in New York. I have to say, I am a coffee connoisseur, growing up on cappuccinos made by my Italian father, and Gimme! truly satisfy everyone’s coffee dreams.

2. The Shop


Photo by Elena Piech

Perhaps the most unique cafe I’ve ever stepped into, The Shop shares it’s home with Model Citizen, a tattoo parlor so you can get tatted while you sip a great cup o’ joe. The Shop is all about supporting local businesses, and actually sources it’s beans from Gimme! just down the street! The atmosphere is incredibly friendly, with brightly colored walls.

3. Press Cafe


Photo courtesy of @cornellsun

Located in Ithaca’s Press Bay Alley, right off the commons, this shop is wonderfully modern and unique. It looks like a cafe that belongs in the MoMA or the Whitney. With grand, glass garage doors that roll completely open on warm days, you’ll just want to hang around forever. The coffee is delicious as well, and their latte art never fails to impress.

4. Ithaca Bakery


Photo by Micol Wajskol

I stumbled into Ithaca Bakery while I was on a run, and to my surprise, there was a whole wall of bulk espresso beans. There are eighteen different roasts, each with unique flavor profiles and mouth feels that are listed on each container. Each roast has a special name, from ‘Midnight Sun’ to ‘Ithaca One World’ to ‘Love Buzz’. You’ll just want to try all of them! Ithaca Bakery also has an extensive menu of prepared coffee drinks, from a frozen espresso to fun lattes like the heart and soul latte. Only the best bev to accompany your favorite panini.

5. Ithaca Coffee Company


Photo courtesy of @ithacacoffee

The Ithaca Coffee Company has been a certified coffee roaster since 2010. They source their beans from across the world, and are truly a bean to mug company, ensuring the freshest quality of beans. As soon as you walk into the store your nose is greeted by a friendly rush of coffee goodness. They have twenty single origin coffees in addition to their seasonal roasts. They love to do themed coffees.

Go forth and sip safely my friends!