There’s only a few weeks left until graduation, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to hit up all of the restaurants in Austin you swore you’d get around to trying. Indulge in this list of fancy schmancy restaurants after the graduation ceremony, because let’s be honest, the rents are cutting you off soon, so milk it while you can.



Photo courtesy of Gayot

Remember when your parents used to make you eat all of your Brussels sprouts before leaving the table? Well, now you’ll be BEGGING them to splurge on the $7 side plate of fried Brussels and walnuts. Out of every restaurant I’ve dined at in Austin, I can honestly say this is my favorite dish I have ever tasted in this city. You will not regret it!



Photo courtesy of Nate Cho

Péché is Austin’s 1st absinthe bar. It boasts a large selection of craft cocktails in pre-Prohibition style. The space is designed as an elegant retro-European space, with couches and coffee tables decorating the dining room to create a cozy hangout. Treat yourself to this adorable French restaurant in the heart of downtown Austin.



Photo courtesy of Lotus Carroll

If you have an obnoxiously loud family of 16 cousins like me, you should definitely hit up Banger’s on Rainey Street. The culture and liveliness of Rainey Street is absolutely perfect after sitting in a four-hour ceremony. Enjoy a wide range of craft beers and delicious sausages for the whole fam to bond over. If you don’t find a beer you like at Banger’s, then you probably just hate beer.



Photo courtesy of Goodlife Realty

The atmosphere here is delightful, boasting a large outdoor patio with elegant lighting, and the selection of wines and craft cocktails is unmatchable. Start off your meal with their famous oysters.



Photo courtesy of Spokes Buzz

Enjoy some southern comfort food with one of the cutest spaces in Austin. The patio is perfect for family reunions. They also serve cornbread while you wait if that’s any incentive.

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