It’s Sunday night and you’re too lazy to cook. You certainly cannot be bothered to go all the way to a restaurant and then be expected to sit there wearing pants. Sometimes all you need is a high quality meal, your couch, and Game of Thrones in your undies. For this, we turn to takeout.

While Baltimore has upped its delivery game, takeout definitely provides more options.

The best takeout meals in Baltimore can endure the journey home and maintain the quality you would receive were you to dine in the restaurant. It’s crucial that your takeout stays hot, because no one can ever truly be certain what will or will not blow up your microwave.

That is why we’ve hooked you up with this list of local hotspots so you can get your takeout on.

1. Thai Restaurant


Photo by Florence Ma

Thai Restaurant’s takeout game is on point. I can personally testify to this because I’ve eaten almost every item on the menu from the comfort of my couch. Thai Restaurant is quick to make your order and they’re friendly upon pickup.

Thai Restaurant knows how to pack the heat so well that the dish still needs to cool when you get home. I don’t know how they do this but I think it has to be one of MSG’s magical properties.  On Saturday I gulfed down a full pad Thai while that bad boy was still steamin’.

Plus, they give you a bonus serving of rice with takeout that you don’t get when you eat in the restaurant. It is only in the comfort of your own home that you can truly appreciate an extra helping of rice to go with your noodles.

What Travels Best: Pad Thai, red curry, basil fried rice, chicken satay
Television Companion: Game of Thrones

2. Pete’s Grille


Photo by Florence Ma

Pete’s only has counter service, so your grueling wait time is spent eyeballing the griddle and drooling on everyone else’s food. To avoid these awkward moments, I prefer to get takeout. If you call them up before you head over, your food will be ready upon arrival.

Pete’s is skilled at packaging individual plates that transport the authentic diner experience into the comfort of your home. Of course, if you can make an omelette and hash browns as fantastic as Pete’s Grille, invite me over.

What Travels Best: French toast, omelettes, hash browns, bacon, grilled chicken melt
Television Companion: Parks and Recreation

3. Grano Pasta Bar


Photo by Emily Hu

Grano Pasta Bar is a super intimate BYO spot that let’s you create the pasta combo of your dreams. With no more than a dozen seats in the restaurant, it is best to takeout on a poppin’ evening.

They package their pasta in neat little boxes, which for some sciencey reason produces a frustrating amount of over-the-pasta-precipitation, but they are at least are a little more environmentally friendly than most takeout options.

What Travels Best: Egg fettuccine, gnocchi, mozzarella caprese
Television Companion: The Sopranos

4. Ajumma


Photo by Florence Ma

WARNING: This restaurant loves its Styrofoam, so takeout may induce guilt. Then again, they use the Styrofoam for in-store dining too, so you might as well conceal your anti-environmental eating activities with takeout.

Ajumma travels nicely, but be wary of what you order. For example, get the chicken bulgogi, but don’t add the fried egg because the yolk will be of a very different consistency when you get home.

What Travels Best: Chicken bulgogi (no egg plz) and lo mein
Television Companion: Friends

5. Pizza Studio


Photo by Bea So

Pizza Studio offers personalized pizza boxes that are ideal for your carryout experience. While the packaging is perfect, you have to order wisely to ensure the thin crust’s safety. Make sure that you go light on sauce to save your crust from getting soggy.

What Travels Best: Margherita pizza with the firecracker crust
Television Companion: Chef’s Table

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