Welcome! You’re probably here for one of a few reasons…

1) You’re a parent of a college student in Atlanta who wants to send a sweet treat for a special occasion… or remind them that you still exist.

2) You’re a high school best friend who wants to mark your territory as the first and best friend.

3) You’re really into Spoon and you’re looking to read some quality writing.

4) You’re bored of sending the usual (Insomnia Cookies or Edible Arrangements) and you're in the market to branch out.

Congratulations! You came to the right place. Here are five delicious Atlanta staples that will deliver to your beloved college student.    

Tiff's Treats 

Tiff’s Treats sells brownies, cookies (and cookie trays), tiffblitz frozen desserts (essentially if ice cream, a cookie, and a brownie had a child), ice cream sandwiches, an assortment of Starbucks Drinks, and of course the necessary milk accoutrements. Best of all, their cookies and brownies come warm and you can also add a balloon to the order if you’re feeling extra snazzy. I’m a snob when it comes to brownies and their chocolate fudge brownies are especially fantastic.

Piece of Cake

Selling cookies, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and more, Piece of Cake has all that you need to make your college student (and their friends) feel loved. These cupcakes are massive! Moreover, they come in a myriad of flavors (all of them delicious) such as pumpkin spice, oreo, and red velvet in a cute box that somehow successfully maintains the integrity of the cupcakes. You can also attach a typed note on the box as well.

Ali's Cookies 

Gillian Feinglass

Ali’s cookies offers a selection of cookies and cookie cakes (shocker), chocolate covered pretzels, and cake in a jar. Best of all, they are extremely accommodating, as they carry dairy and gluten free options, and can create personalized cookies and cookie cakes with photos and writing. I received a beautifully decorated 12 inch cookie cake from Ali’s Cookies on my birthday and it was happily finished within the hour. 

Simply Done Donuts

Eat more HOLE foods. Simply Done Donuts delivers delicious and fun themed donuts such as Man Bait (maple cream and chopped bacon), Snickers (chocolate icing, crushed peanuts, and caramel drizzle), and Smorelicious (chocolate icing, marshmallow cream, and a dusting of graham cracker) to name a few. 

King of Pops

It gets hot in Atlanta, so King of Pops is extra dandy! They deliver pops and soft serve to your college students. With mouthwatering pop flavors such as cookies ‘n cream, key lime pie, coconut chocolate sea salt and soft serve flavors like the classic (vanilla with chocolate drizzle and walnut pieces) or the comeback kid (chocolate with crispy cinnamon cereal and caramel). These pops not only taste delicious, but they’re sure to look great too. 

If you’re looking to send your college student something that will both satisfy their sweet tooth and (more importantly) solidify your place in their heart, consider ordering from one of these five Atlanta based sweet shops.