When you hear the word Amsterdam, you think about the beautiful canals, the world-renowned museums and galleries, and the notorious Red Light District. Or, you think about the “coffee shops” that sell marijuana. If you think about that part of Amsterdam, which is arguably what the Amsterdam experience is really all about, then you have to think about the beloved “munchies” that follow. And because there is a coffee shop on every corner, you are likely going to be hungry all the time.

Luckily, Amsterdam is prepared for your ravenousness and is stocked with countless restaurants perfect for every type of craving. And because I do not want your paranoia to increase after leaving one of the shops, here's a list of five restaurants that you cannot miss upon your visit to this wonderful city.

For the Early Riser: Pancakes Amsterdam

If you’re trying to eat an authentic breakfast, which you should considering you don’t get to travel to Amsterdam every day, you must try Pancakes Amsterdam. The menu is limited to Dutch style pancakes and American style pancakes. The American pancakes are better than any pancake I’ve had in America, so I’m going to call them "thicker" Dutch pancakes. You can then choose toppings that range from chocolate sauce to bacon. The restaurant is one of many located on “9 Little Streets,” which is one of the most charming places in Amsterdam. There might be a bit of a wait, but it is worth it. I guarantee you will never try a better pancake.

For the Undecided Eater: Foodhallen

It is lunchtime. Your food senses are tingling, but you cannot decide what you want to eat. Foodhallen is the answer. The first ever-indoor food market in the Netherlands is full of over 20 merchants from all around the world. Do you want Ramen? Do you want schnitzel? Or do you actually want dim sum? Doesn’t matter, Foodhallen has it all. I know what you're thinking: "food courts" like this are never as good as they appear. I am here to debunk your theory and tell you that Foodhallen's vendors serve very high-quality food. Better yet, you can get through many stands in a short amount of time. All the vendors are quick and friendly, so in addition to having a tasty meal, you will have a wonderful overall experience.

For the Experienced Diner: Lion Noir

Some people crave restaurants that serve perfectly cooked food. Other people desire restaurants with beautiful décor. Then there are the people that eat at Lion Noir, a restaurant with top-notch food and an ambiance that has won it the Interior Design of the Year Award. Although I highly recommend the Yellowfin tuna tartare to start and the duck or venison as entrées, there really isn't a bad dish on the menu. The dark lighting and rustic atmosphere will transport you into another world, or maybe it’s the Cannabis you just picked up from Boerejongens, Amsterdam’s most well-regarded coffee shop located close by. Nevertheless, Lion Noir is a must-try spot for dinner when visiting Amsterdam.

For the Food Snob: De Kas

It would be hard to write a list of restaurants to try in Amsterdam and not include De Kas, home to Michelin star chef, Gert Jan Hageman. De Kas is situated inside a greenhouse that was transformed in 2001, and might be the most beautiful spot to eat lunch at if the weather permits. All herbs and vegetables used are grown in the greenhouse, and a different fixed menu is prepared daily. If being adventurous and leaving it up to the restaurant is not your thing, I still suggest De Kas. Whether you choose the three or five-course menu (which is obviously recommended) no dish will disappoint. I suggest making a reservation soon, as this place books up quickly.

For the Casual Restaurant Goer: Mazzo

I struggled selecting the last restaurant, since my list could go on forever. But when I thought about what was missing from this, Mazzo was the answer: a simple, yet delicious Italian restaurant located next to Jordaan, one of the most picturesque streets in all of Amsterdam. Mazzo is not as beautiful as Lion Noir or as titillating as De Kas, but it is the type of restaurant that every person will enjoy. The menu is pretty traditional Italian, with classics such as Caprese salad, beef carpaccio and of course a variety of pizzas and pastas. But this place just gets it right and to top it off, reservations are not required.

I hope that when you travel abroad to Europe and visit Amsterdam (which if you haven’t already planned for, you should) you now know where to eat. You can skip one of the museums on your list, or the sex show that was not on your list, and try some of these restaurants instead. A visit to Amsterdam wouldn’t be the same without the food.