Ever since I went to college, my family has been branching out in terms of Thanksgiving meals. From Italian to Mexican cuisine, I have found that there are other foods to celebrate with your family and friends. For those who aren't fond of the typical American turkey and cranberry dinner, here are 5 alternative Thanksgiving restaurants to try out.

1) The Tasteful Kitchen

This is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly option, for those who don't eat meat. The restaurant's calm and beautiful outdoor patio guarantees an intimate and welcoming experience. Affordable and filling, vegetarians rave about the creative and flavorful dishes. Even for those who aren't vegetarian, this restaurant is loved by most meat lovers. Described as being "tantalizing" for the senses, this is definitely a healthier alternative to a filling festive meal. Some dishes I recommend are the: 'Buffalo Bites', 'Eggplant Miso', and 'Prickle Pear Italian Soda'. 

2) Kung Fu Noodle

This is definitely a restaurant for the adventurous foodies. 'Kung Fu Noodle' is a Chinese restaurant noted for their friendly, efficient, and helpful staff. With authentic and traditional dishes, you are sure to try something new if you go here for dinner. Something unique about this restaurant is that they make their noodles from scratch, which is a very traditional practice. You are sure to appreciate the soft noodles, and you will definitely be able to taste the high quality. Some dishes I recommend are the: 'Pork & Cabbage dumplings', 'Beef Noodle Soup', and 'Mapo Tofu'. 

3) Saffron India Bistro

This is the perfect place to go to if you want to indulge in rich spices and creamy curries. 'Saffron India Bistro' has been noted as one of the best Indian restaurants in the area. This restaurant is not only known for their generous portions, but they also have adjustable spices, depending on your taste buds. With traditional, more westernized dishes, and a special bar area, this is a well-rounded restaurant. However, if you don't feel like dressing up and going out, this restaurant also offers delivery options. Some dishes I recommend are the: 'Chicken Tikka Masala', 'Spicy Mango Martinis', and 'Lamb Vindaloo'. 

4) Caruso's

Located very close to campus, this is a fourth generation owned restaurant, known for its Italian cuisine. Described as if your Italian mom was cooking a homestyle dinner, the dishes are sure to not disappoint. If the weather permits, the backyard patio is also noted for adding to the quaint and comfortable atmosphere. Come to this restaurant if you want to feel at home, or if you're in the mood for a more vintage, romantic feel. If you are dining in a group of 5 or less, make sure to get this restaurant early. They do not take reservations, unless in a large group. Some dishes I recommend are the: 'Chicken Parmigiana' and 'Seafood Delight'. 

5) Kingfisher

If you're in the mood for some seafood, look no farther. This nice seafood restaurant is the perfect place to wine and dine in an unforgettable 1920's jazz atmosphere. With mellow background music and friendly servers, this restaurant promises an unforgettable night. While the food is a little more on the pricey side, this definitely takes the cake for a nice Thanksgiving ambiance. This seafood restaurant is known to have some of the freshest prepared seafood in Tucson. Many meals are described as being moist, tender, and divine. This is definitely a more formal dinner to take your family or significant other to. Some dishes I recommend are the: 'Macadamia Nut Hawaiian Fish' and the 'New York Strip Steak'. 

After writing this article, I can't wait to revisit these restaurants again. The high ratings, delicious cuisine, and fairly affordable prices make all these places ideal Thanksgiving spots. So what are you waiting for? Grab your family and friends, and it's time to make new Thanksgiving plans. There are other places to show your thanks.