In need of a night out with your partner but can't find a nice restaurant that meets your budget? Then check out these five affordable Montclair restaurants in New Jersey that I found to be perfectly budgeted for a college student like myself. 

1. Laboratorio Kitchen 

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Kristine Mahan

For those nights when you want to get a little bit fancy, Laboratorio Kitchen is the spot. During the week, they offer a special menu where you have the option of buying 3 small plates all for just $20 and one small plate for $8.

I took my boyfriend there for his birthday and was in disbelief when we received the check and it only said $29 which included four small plates, and of course, dessert. They're also BYOB! So, stop by the liquor store (which is conveniently located next to the restaurant), buy a cheap bottle of wine and you will be leaving this restaurant very full and with a good buzz. 

2. Tacoria  

Elena Gavin

This Mexican-inspired restaurant is perfect for a top-notch, quick bite to eat and very conveniently priced. They offer tacos, burritos, quesadillas, salads, and wait for it... Nutella nachos!  So, if you feel like switching up your after-dinner dessert game, stop by Tacoria and get a yummy two-in-one deal!

3. StuffedBurger

Elena Gavin

Yes, you're seeing clear, that is in fact a burger with two doughnuts as the buns. You can find this plate of awesomeness at Stuffedburger. Not only does this tiny hot-spot have great burgers topped with sweetness, but they're also stuffed with cheese! They also offer a delivery option for those nights when you just feel like Netflix and Chillin'. 

#SpoonTip: If you're in high school, Stuffedburger offers a 15% discount just by showing your ID at the register. 

4. Cuban Pete's

Elena Gavin

Cuban Pete's is a huge hit for young couples mainly for its upbeat, fun, atmosphere and we can't forget about their out-of-this-world coconut rice. You'll not only enjoy amazing Cuban food, but you'll also be surrounded by great scenery and occasional singing from the fun-loving staff! 

This restaurant is BYOB but they also offer pitchers of sangria and guys, feel free to stop by Fume's Cigar Shop before your meal because they do allow you to enjoy a smoke.

#SpoonTip: Feel like enjoying the nice weather with your meal? No worries, just asked to be seated outside!

5.  Tinga

beans, rice, burrito
Avery Romano

Tinga is another great option. My boyfriend and I have eaten here twice and absolutely love it. You can dine in, take out, and they even deliver right to your front door! Who can go wrong with homemade tortilla chips for only 95 cents a bag?

Although they are a Mexican establishment known for their 12-inch burritos, they offer a variety of vegetarian options, like their grilled veggie wrap with tofu sour cream. Whether you're a meat-lover, or plant-based, Tinga will definitely have something you'll enjoy.

So next time you're in the Montclair area with your partner, be sure to check out one of these five fine establishments! I guarantee you will go home that night satisfied, maybe a little buzzed, and with a full stomach.