Listen, I know that Starbucks is a really important part of your life. You might think your relationship with Starbucks means everything right now, but I don’t want you to limit yourself here. I think Starbucks is holding you back from experiencing really great coffee. I mean, you’re young. Why tie yourself down to one coffee chain your whole life?

Just do me a favor and try coffee from one of these four shops in town. They’re literally within walking distance from campus; it’s not a big deal. Don’t feel guilty, Starbucks will do just fine without you.

1. Fenn’s Coffee


Photo courtesy of Fenn’s Coffee on Facebook

You might have already tried Fenn’s coffee if you’ve stopped by their coffee cart on Church Street, but it’s definitely worth a trip to their location in town. Their setup is quaint and comfortable, and their espresso drink list is the most creative and delicious menu I’ve seen in a café. Not to mention the best bagel I’ve ever had (yes, I’ve had Einstein’s) was from here. It’s a place where you can hunker down and get work done on your own in the AM and rally your friends to see live music in their upstairs space in the PM. They also feature lots of beautiful artwork created by talented local artists on the walls of the café. Good drinks, good food and beautiful artwork; what’s not to love?

2. The West Chester Coffee & Ice Cream Bar


Photo courtesy of @thewestchesterbar on Instagram

The name does not do this place justice. They might only do coffee and ice cream, but they do it damn well. I have never been to a coffee shop where the staff cared half as much about what goes into your cup as they do here. They know their stuff when it comes to coffee, so feel free to use this breakdown of coffee shop vocabulary so you can sound like you know what you’re talking about, too. The staff also happens to be super friendly and helpful if you’re just branching out into the world of espresso. The Coffee Bar sources their coffee and ice cream from some really great Philly spots like Green Street, Reanimator, and Little Baby’s Ice Cream. There’s always a funky ice cream flavor on the menu (like Balsamic Banana) if you’re feeling adventurous, but they also have the classics. This is hands-down one of the best additions to the borough this year.

#SpoonTip: If you want to get work done here, it’s better to go earlier in the day before people start coming in for ice cream, because the space tends to get filled up fast.

3. T’Ever Cafe


Photo courtesy of @tevercafe on Instagram

If you’ve passed by this gem of a cafe on E Market St and wondered what the name was, it’s pronounced “tea-ever.” If you’re wondering what they’re about, T’Ever is an Asian-fusion restaurant that’s serving up some seriously great coffees and teas. This is one of the very few places in West Chester that serves bubble tea. If you haven’t tried bubble tea yet, I highly suggest heading to T’Ever first thing tomorrow because it’s like no drink you’ve had before. If tea just doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as coffee does, their maple latte is definitely worth a try. This is a huge space, and it’s often quiet enough to really focus on studying or getting work done.

4. Cathey’s Coffee Bar (A.K.A. Dia Doce)


Photo courtesy of @goodvibeseatery on Instagram

Dia Doce is tied pretty tightly to the WCU community, and for good reason. Not only do their award-winning organic cupcakes make you want to eat nothing but frosting for the rest of your days, but the drinks at Cathey’s Coffee Bar are fantastic. This is the perfect place to go to either meet with friends or go solo for some “you” time. The wood paneling and fur rugs make this place super warm and homey, like you just got a really big hug. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the bright green cupcake truck that sometimes hangs out on campus. It’s sure to make your day a little brighter.


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Trust me, once you see what other coffee shops are out there, you won’t look at Starbucks the same. It’s for the best.