I love a night out in Oakland just as much as the next person, but when Peter’s gets old and you’re not feelin’ a shot pitcher at Hem’s, you need to venture off campus.

Thursday nights present the perfect opportunity for you to grab your pals and Uber it over to Southside for some of the most “lit” bars this city has to offer us young alcoholics. Here are 4 bars that’ll have you thriving on your Thursday night out in Southside.

1. Hofbräuhaus

HB oktoberfest from Munich, Germany. #beer #Pittsburgh

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This may seem a little #basic, but Hofbrau is definitely not overrated. College night starts at 9:00 pm, so get there at around 8:30 to claim your territory for a night of dancing on tables to the epic live music.

With a $6 liter of Hefe Weizen in your hand and your friends screaming “Sweet Caroline” by your side, you’ll set yourself up for the perfect Thursday night. Everyone usually heads to the next spot by 11:30 pm, so your night of thriving is still young.

2. Jimmy D’s

Ballin’ on a budget and looking for a more ratchet time than Hof? Hit Jimmy D’s. If the 50-cent well drinks aren’t enough to make your heart race, then the “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you” atmosphere will get you. Show up with a solid squad and use it as an insanely high-key pregame before your final stop.

3. Carson City Saloon

Carson City is the ultimate stop if you still want the college bar vibe, but are looking for a bit more. The bar is a 3-story haven with plenty of options for you to explore.

Thursday night is also college night, so you can enjoy $1 32-oz Yuengling drafts and $2 Captain Morgan drinks from 9 pm-midnight. I also suggest showing up with a crew because a tiny group can get lost in such a big bar. Enjoy.

4. Charlie Murdoch’s

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If you want to get silly off a few brews and sing live music with your buds, this piano bar is the place for you. Murdoch’s kills it on the live-music front and is soooo worth the $4 cover charge. It’s a nice change from the typical night out for a college student, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you should definitely check it out.