It's no secret that New Orleans is home to some of the best food and restaurants in the country. Many of these restaurants are owned and led by women! Now more than ever, it is important that we support businesses run by women. There are many restaurants in the city that are owned and operated by women, but I have narrowed it down to my top four favorite choices. Since March is Women's History Month, I highly recommend that you check out these four restaurants in New Orleans that are women-led.

Willa Jean

Rachel Sterling

Starting off with one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans, Willa Jean is a go-to spot for brunch favorites! Willa Jean is currently run by Chef/Partner Kelly Fields. Fields named the restaurant after her grandmother who inspired her to follow her passions. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the restaurants makes it the perfect brunch spot to go with both family and friends. Willa Jean also excels at take-out, which is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Make sure you try all of the bakery favorites, especially Willa Jean's famous chocolate chip cookies!

The Cupcake Collection

If you have as big of a sweet tooth as I do, then you should definitely check out The Cupcake Collection. Owner Mignon Francois and her team pride themselves on serving equally eye-catching and mouth-watering flavors. How amazing does a Hot Cocoa flavored cupcake sound? And what about a King Cake flavor for when you're missing Mardi Gras? There are also several gluten-free and vegan options available. Bonus: The Cupcake Collection offers nationwide shipping!

Satsuma Café

Rachel Sterling

Satsuma Café is another one of my favorite brunch spots in New Orleans. Satsuma, co-owned by Cassi Dymond, not only serves delicious food, but the restaurant also focuses on cooking with fresh and simple ingredients. Satsuma is a fan favorite among college students and locals alike. There is something available at Satsuma for everyone, even for the pickiest eaters. While everything on the menu is outstanding, my go-to order is avocado toast paired with an iced mocha coffee. 

Commander's Palace

Last, but certainly not least, is the landmark and one of the most famous restaurants in New Orleans: Commander's Palace. In October of 2020, Megan Bickford was named executive chef. She plans on keeping the traditions of the restaurant, open since 1893, alive while adding her own twist. Commander's Palace is also owned by two women: Lally Brennan and Ti Adelaide Martin. My grandmother, who grew up in New Orleans, still talks about her love for the restaurant. She always tries to go to Commander's Palace on her visits back to New Orleans. You should add Commander's Palace to your bucket-list of restaurants to try while in the city!

While I only listed four restaurants, there are plenty of other women-run restaurants in the New Orleans area that you should definitely check out! Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can support women-while eating at New Orleans staples. Even after Women's History Month is over, we all should continue to support businesses own and run by women.