Lets not remind ourselves of the havoc we caused our bodies during March (Spring Break, Cadbury Easter Eggs).

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New month, new start right? April is our crunch month, both figuratively and literally. Time to amp up our pre-summer diets and get our bodies back in shape.

We all know how tempting it can be to hit up Chick-fil-a or Ajax for a meal, but those are carb loaded diet destroyers. Here are some local restaurants in Oxford that serve food on the greener side of life.

When you need your green fix on campus:

1. Freshii:


Photo courtesy of Ole Miss Dining on Facebook

Located beneath the JC, Freshii is on the pricier side for on campus food, however it does take Plus 1. At Freshii you can grab and go from the pre-made section stocked with fresh juices, salads, and wraps. You can also order soups, chili, rice bowls, and smoothies. The menu goes on and on, no doubt there is something for everyone here. Take note however, because every order is made to order the line can get a little long during lunch hours.

2. Toss it Up:


Photo courtesy of Ole Miss Dinning on Facebook

Toss it Up offers an experience like no other. Equipped with a salad bar with endless toppings and numerous sandwich options, this is your go to for healthy food in the Union. It is located in the Student Union, next to Qudoba. I know it’s hard to walk past Chick-fil-a and not go for the waffle fries, but I have faith in you. Remember pain is only temporary, your summer body lasts for summer (hopefully).

Hungry for rabbit food, but you are not on campus? We’ve got you!

3. Greenline:


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Planning on hitting the square, but worried about over drinking your calories? Take a quick stop at Greenline located just off the square. Greenline is a healthy eatery on the square, it offers a variety of salads and wraps. Not only will you feel energized and ready to go after eating there, but you won’t feel bad after drinking the calorie loaded, sugar filled Black Out pitcher from the Levee.

4. Living Foods 


Photo courtesy of Living Foods Organic Cafe and Market on Facebook

Located on College Hill Road, Living Foods offers an organic spin on “Southern cooking”. Living Food offers an interesting menu, including Lavender Iced Tea. This eatery also has a market side, filled with organic and gluten free options.