After you try these local brews you will forever kiss your dearly loved Starbucks order goodbye. These shops have some of the tastiest treats and best roasts in town to give you that extra kick or just to enjoy a nice drink in an awesome venue.

1. Mama Mocha’s Coffee Emporium

Photo courtesy of @mamamochas Instagram

Mama Mochas is the prime spot if your looking to get in a chill study session while enjoying a local brew~ you can find antique comic books and magazines scattered around this cozy space for some leisure reading as well. They even have your favorite beans and tea bags that you can purchase & brew at home!

2. The Bean

Photo courtesy of @thebean_au Instagram

This Mom and Pop coffee cafe excels not only in the coffee arena but has incredible deserts that pair perfectly with all of their tasty coffees. It’s hard to not drool over the warm cinnamon rolls that are stocked and made fresh daily every time I visit The Bean. I felt right at home in their retro 70’s theme space, and you can even play some old school records while enjoying your drink (and desert) if you please.

3. The Coffee Cat

Photo courtesy of @coffeecatau Instagram

Located in the back of The Hound, The Coffee Cat is the perfect space to grab a cup of joe and relax with friends after a meal. The must try drink is the bourbon Carmel Latte made right next door, or for a sweeter drink try the local honey latte made with Alabama honey. Art from local artists adorns the brick walls of this dante shop and has a rustic vibe you can’t beat.

4. Prevail Coffee Union

Photo courtesy of @prevailunion

Whether you’re shopping downtown or heading to class, Prevail Coffee is your beverage destination for a cold or hot tea, craft beer or made to order roast coffee. You can even take home or order some of their unique blends, including the Dark chocolate roast Duck & Cover, brownie batter toffee blend Farmers Daughter, and my favorite the blackberry cobbler Costa Rica Kattia.