Many know Minghin Cuisine as the best dim sum spot in the Chicago area. However, first-time goers might be struck by the overwhelming menu. Don’t worry; you can't go wrong by starting with these four dishes.

Shrimp Dumplings

This is arguably Minghin’s dim sum signature dish. The delicate outer skin of the dumplings perfectly complements the light yet full-bodied flavor of the shrimp inside. If you don’t get this at Minghin, you’re missing out on your dim sum experience!

Siu Mai

Siu mai, also known as shaomai or shumai, is a more complex dumpling. Its filling includes ground pork, chopped shrimp, and Chinese mushrooms for a unique flavor that Minghin has mastered. Order a basket (or three)!

Feng Zhao (Chicken Feet)

Feng Zhao, chicken feet fried and marinated in sweet sauce, is definitely for the more adventurous eater. Learning to eat it (suck the meat off the cartilage and bone) is a fun experience. If you’re new to dim sum, don’t shy away from this dish. It may look daunting, but you won’t be disappointed!

Chicken Corn Soup

Although its on the "From The Kitchen" menu as opposed to the dim sum menu, this chicken corn soup is perfect on a cold, windy Chicago day. If you’re going with a few friends, get the medium bowl to share. The chicken and corn in the thick, porridge-like broth is refreshing and flavorful.

Minghin is already one of Chicago's favorite dim sum shops, but these dishes will make your experience even better!