New York City is a place unlike any other. From the fashion to the coffee, be prepared to encounter some odd and unusual yet absolutely brilliant combinations. Here are 32 places you have to stop at if you visit New York City!

1. Doughnut Plant

These doughnuts are nothing but delicious. With countless flavors like a savory vegetable cream "doughpod" or a sweet Manhatten cream "doughseed", there is something to please everyone.

2. Dos Caminos

Dos Caminos has 4 locations, authentic mexican, and over 100 kinds of tequila. But don't let that fool you, they are mainly known for their brunch.

3. The Bagel Store

Home to the "bagel that broke the internet", The Bagel Store is the birthplace of the rainbow bagel. Also, you can't go wrong with any of their fun and unusual spreads such as their funfetti birthday cake cream cheese spread.

4. One Girl Cookie

One Girl Cookie's are known for two things, their whoopie pies, and their cookies. Located in DUMBO, OGC offers a treat with a breathtaking view of the Manhatten Bridge.

5. Ralph's Coffee Shop

The Ralph Loren flagship store on 5th Ave isn't your average clothing store, tucked away on the second floor is a secret little coffee shop. Order a cappuccino to stay and enjoy the view from a big window overlooking the busy city street.

6. Magnolia Bakery

At Magnolia Bakery you can find just about any classic bakery sweet, but if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, then you must order a cup of banana pudding. Also, you can watch the workers decorate cakes and cupcakes!

7. Dominque Ansel Bakery

Home to the cronut, a combination of a doughnut and a croissant, Dominque Ansel Bakery is a must stop. If you go to New York City in the summer make sure to try the frozen s'more, a vanilla ice cream encased in cookie crumbs and covered in marshmallow that is lightly toasted upon order is a perfect refreshing treat. If you go in the winter, try their blooming hot chocolate, which has a marshmallow flower that blooms after being added to the hot drink.

8. Dallas BBQ

"A southerner comes to New York City and eats BBQ"- I know this sounds crazy, but bare with me. Dallas BBQ opened in 1978, and now has ten locations throughout New York City. They are known for their house specials like the slow-cooked rotisserie chicken, their Baby Back Ribs, and their "Texas-sized" frozen drinks, you will undoubtedly leave in a food coma.

9. Joe's Shanghai Restaurant

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant can be found in Chinatown on a small little side street. A New York City favorite, the soup dumplings are delicious (and super cheap). 

10. Artichoke Pizza

New York City has the best pizza, hands down. Try it for yourself at Artichoke Pizza, their artichoke pizza and their vodka sauce pizza are what they are best known for.

11. Shake Shack

You can't go to  New York City and not have Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. This is where Shake Shack was born originally being sold from a tiny hot dog cart in 2001, the shack wasn't built until 2004, and now they have locations all over the USA. 

12. Carmine's

A family styled Italian restaurant, with a motto "We want every day to feel like a Sunday at Grandmas"- Carmine's offers big plates and portions of pasta, with delectable desserts made in house.

13. Saigon Shack

Saigon Shack has the best Vietnamese food in New York City. Be sure to try the pho or the vegetarian Bahn Mi sandwich!

14. Eataly

Enjoy the tastes of Italy with views of New York City. Located near the FlatIron Building, Eataly offers a great spot to stop and enjoy a refreshing glass of Rosé.

15. Ferrara's Bakery

Ferrara's Bakery opened in 1892 in New York City and it has been serving up Italian specialties ever since. From cannolis to gelato, Ferrara's is your place for dessert in Little Italy.

16. Da Nico

Authentic Italian Cuisine- one word, pasta. If you want to experience Italian pasta like never before this is your place to dine. 

17. Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery makes the best chocolate chip cookie in the world. Well, this may be my personal opinion, but it will soon be yours too after you take a bite!

18. Amorino's Gelato

With multiple locations located around New York City, Amorino's Gelato is an easy go to for some delicious and insta worthy gelato!

19. Joanna Trattori

Homestyle Italian food, Joanne Trattoria offers brunch and dinner. If you think the name sounds familiar like you've heard it in pop music you are correct. This restaurant is owned by Lady Gaga's parents and shares the name with her album "Joanne" (2016).

20. Ellen's Stardust Diner

Dinner and a show? Ellen's Stardust Diner offers an unforgettable dining experience as the food is delicious, the decor is retro, and the live entertainment put on by the wait staff is unmatchable. 

21. Il Punto Ristorant

If you haven't noticed already, New York is the place for Italian food. With Il Punto Ristorante their motto is "We can't bring you to Italy, but we can bring Italy to you", and trust me, they sure do. 

22. The Halal Guys

The best street food hands down. Make sure you go to the location on 53rd and 6th street. They are so popular that people have opened knock-off versions of them. They offer gyros, and are best known for the "white sauce". 

23. Beecher's Handmade Cheese

If the name hasn't given it away, Beecher's is known for their handmade cheese, which they then use in the kitchen to create heaven. I love their "World's Best: Mac & Cheese" (pictured above). If you dine at their Flatiron location you can watch how they make the cheese!

24. Spaghetti Incident NYC

Spaghetti in a cone. What more needs to be said?

25. Urban Space Vanderbilt

Located next to Grand Central Station, this marketplace/ food court is a foodie's dream. With roughly 20 different vendors, you can find anything and everything you can imagine. 

26. Momofuku Milkbar

More commonly known as the Milk Bar, this eatery is serving up some pretty dank soft serve. It's referred to as cereal milk soft serve, made to taste like the sugary sweet milk at the bottom of a bowl of cereal. Something everyone must try once.

27. Tortaria

Mexican sandwiches and handmade guac, what more could you ask for? 

28. Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer Meatpacking District

Mostly known for their crazy shakes, but if you are looking to get dinner first they have some killer burgers like The Greg Norman Burger. 

29. Two Hands Cafe

Light, but filling cuisine. Enjoy an acai bowl and a latte in this little cafe.

30. Clinton Street Baking Company

Be prepared to wait, this place is always packed for a reason. Known as New York City's best breakfast spot, people line up down the street to feast on a plate of their award winning pancakes.

31.  Jack's Wife Freda

According to NYMag, Jack's Wife Freda is serving up "South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cusine" for brunch, lunch, and dinner. An adorable place with a good vibe, make sure to check this place out, even if you are just grabbing a cup of coffee.

32. Eggloo

The original Hong Kong egg waffle shop that specializes in a sweet treat, ice cream.

33. Veselka

If you are looking for some homestyle Ukrainian food, look no further. Their pierogis (pictured above) and kielbasa are to die far.