College is such a busy, fast paced lifestyle to be thrown into for four years. Most college students have two things on their mind: finish the degree and party. In between these two time intensive activities, we have to make time to eat... and eat for cheap. Taco Bell is the first place that comes to our mind when we think of somewhere that we can go to satisfy our late night cravings and keep us on our budget. To prove our point, we came up with three reasons on why Taco Bell is the best.

Katie Womble

Here are the three reasons why we think Taco Bell is the perfect college go-to meal:

1. It's Cheap

Taco Bell is the perfect meal when you’re ballin’ on a budget. Have you ever craved a delicious Mexican meal but don’t want to spend the $10 bucks it takes to get it? That’s why Taco Bell is the best - their expansive menu has so many options under $5 to satisfy your taco cravings. Also, their value menu is no joke. Triple Layer Nachos, Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito, and a Spicy Potato Soft Taco all for just $3! You can't get that anywhere else. As college students, we already have so much to pay for, why would we skip out on this opportunity for great quality at a cheap price?!

2. It's Always There for You

When it’s 1 am and nothing else is open, you can always count on Taco Bell. Taco Bell is like the friend that takes care of you when no one else is around. It provides warmth and full stomachs like a caring mother. Unlike any other comfort food out there, you can get Taco Bell pretty much with the snap of your fingers. There is no need to sit down and wait a long time for your meal when you can get delicious tacos almost instantly! Not to mention, Taco Bell cares about their customers by listening to what people want and putting it on their menu. Who doesn't get excited when they see that the Nacho Fries are back? Taco Bell is the best place to have a favorite order, because it is always there for you.

3. So Many Options

If you’re still not sold on why Taco Bell is the perfect college meal, another reason is that their menu is packed with options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Craving a little something sweet? Try the Cinnabon delights or Cinna-twists. Thirsty? Pick up one of their many Baja Blasts. Trying to go vegan but just can’t seem to give up your holy grail tacos yet? Fear not. Just substitute the meat for beans and ask for it fresco style. Or if you’re simply in the mood for some dang good yet fast and affordable Mexican food, they pretty much have every combination of burritos, tacos, and nachos you could ever dream of. They always have great and creative promotions.

We know that you're now convinced that these reasons are why Taco Bell is the PERFECT go-to college meal because of it's affordability, consistency, and variety. So, next time you and your friends are fighting about where to go to eat, make everyone happy by choosing Taco Bell! Live Más!