Whether it's lunch or dinner time one things for sure, you can never go wrong with some scrumptious Indian cuisine. If you happen to find yourself in Albuquerque, on the corner of Eubank and Constitution, then look no further because you've made it to one of the tastiest places in all of Burque to dine-Taaj Palace

1. Chicken Tikka Masala

gravy, curry, chicken
Shani Harvie

For me, the Chicken Tikka Masala from Taaj Palace is one dish I can't ever get enough of. Whether or not it's the lunch or dinner buffet, I honestly think I could eat the stuff any time of day. However, if things with wings aren't in your diet then don't then don't fret because they definitely have an extensive list of vegan and vegetarian entrees.

2. Gulab Jamun

vegetable, compote, sweet
Shani Harvie

Another fantastic reason to make it over for the buffet, or to dine in at Taaj Palace is the vegetarian friendly Gulab Jamun. This "delightful dessert" as they would call it, is a traditional Indian dessert of sweet balls soaked in honey syrup with coconut. These heavenly spheres are melt-in-your-mouth good, and lucky for you their included in the buffet so you can eat as many as you can. If you're on a tight budget don't worry because they totally have coupons on their website.

3. Kingfisher Lager

milk, ale, espresso, stout, beer, coffee
Shani Harvie

The last reason you need to check out Taaj Palace is the Kingfisher beer. But keep in mind this suggestion is only for of-age Lobos! The crisp flavor of this lager goes supremely well with the Indian buffet, especially when paired with the masala dishes as well as the paneer. So next time you're trying to plan date night, find a good place to go with friends, or just need a bite to eat—Taaj   Palace is definitely the place you want to be.

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