You pull into the driveway and see the outside of the bakery.  It’s reminiscent of a rustic, pueblo-style, New Mexican home. Pastel flowers coat the walls, and the archway to the entrance welcomes you with the aroma of fresh bread and melted cheese.

Once inside, you notice the interior is a mash-up between a pizza parlor and a bakery. The flowered table cloths and the large, glass display cases filled with sweets and empanadas  seem a little out of the ordinary, but once you take in the natural lighting and the sweet scents, everything seems to fit.

Golden Crown

Photo by Sharmaine Ong

A lady behind the counter says, “Welcome to Golden Crown Panderia.” She takes a pair of tongs and digs them into the display case and says “every kid that comes into the bakery gets a free biscochito.”

You take the sweet cookie and take a bite. The cinnamon and sugar melt in your mouth. This is what divinity tastes like and you realize this is why you made the visit.

There are many reasons why a person should visit Golden Crown Panderia, but these are my top three.

1. It Sells a Variety of Baked Goods

Golden Crown

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It’s always the food, but I swear this place sells the best dessert empandas you’ll ever have. If your an All American kind of person, try the Apple Empanda. It’s like eating an apple pie without the fork! #NeverForks

Another item worth trying is the pizza. When I visited, my friends and I ordered a half green chile and pineapple pizza and half pepperoni pizza. It was delicious! Pineapple and green chile seems like an odd combo but trust me, it’s good. If you do try the pizza make sure to get it on their blue corn green chile crust. You wont regret it!

2. It’s been Guy Fieri Approved

Golden Crown

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Have you ever watched the show Diners Drive ins & Dives? Of course you have. Guy Fieri visited this bakery and loved it! They have his signed cookie sheet hanging right next to the counter. The episode he appeared on was a Thanksgiving special and Guy Fieri focused on the special Turkey shaped dinner bread meant for vegetarians. If you’re ever in the area and want a vegetarian meal for Thanksgiving, be sure to order one of Golden Crown’s Turkey Bread.

3. It’s a Pokemon Go Pokestop

Golden Crown

Photo Courtesy of Golden Crown on

For those who are into the recent Pokemon Go craze, Golden Crown Panderia is a pokestop. If you need food, but need to burn some calories, walk over to Golden Crown with your Pokemon Go App on and stop by for a treat to reward yourself for walking! Keep up with Golden Crown’s Facebook page for Pokemon Night when they give away free food and drinks.

Golden Crown Panderia has delicious food, a great atmosphere, good reviews, and a pokestop! Visit this place! It’ll be worth it