I live for Sundays because brunch is considered a meal priority. Brunch, in my opinion, is the best meal. Moving to a new city meant that I checked Yelp and Open Table religiously just to find restaurants that serve brunch in my new home city, Providence. I was pleasantly surprised, because not only are the meals drool worthy, but the restaurants tend to be in the cutest areas.

1. Olga's Cup and Saucer

egg, potato, scrambled, cheese
Brittney Jensen

Pictured: Drop Biscuits with Grits

Olga's has a unique menu, which is awesome since I am super big on trying new foods. The restaurant has an outside and an inside. Both times I sat outside because I want to take advantage of this beautiful Providence weather before sitting inside is the only option.

The outside seating is amazing because it is surrounded by gorgeous flowers and trees. It honestly looks like something out of a movie. The only downside is that they do not have liquor license so mimosas and bloody marys are out of the question. 

Fun Fact: The woman who owns Olga's is a professor at Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI. 

Recommendation: Poached Eggs on Grilled Scallion-Cheddar Scones or Drop Biscuits with Grits

2. XO Cafe

french toast, toast
Brittney Jensen

Pictured: Horchata French Toast

XO Cafe is a cute, yet nice-sized restaurant considering being known for a cafe. When I first went to XO cafe I was confused why everyone was wearing their pajamas to a upscale breakfast joint until later I found out you receive a complimentary mimosa or bloody mary if you do. And wearing your pajamas and receiving free alcohol seems more than alright to me.

I had the Horchata French toast which defiantly satisfied my sweet tooth. The staff was very attentive which made the experience even better. I would  make reservations if I were you since Sundays are like Black Friday in the brunch world. 

Fun Fact: If you wear your pajamas to the restaurant you receive a complimentary mimosa or bloody mary.

Recommendation: Horchata French Toast or Florentine Benedict 

3. The Village

toast, french toast, syrup
Brittney Jensen

Pictured: Creme Brûlée French Toast 

The Village is not known for brunch, yet it exceeded my exceptions for a quality meal. They offer bottomless mimosas for only $15 per person, as well as excellent menu options whether you are in the mood for sweet french toast or salty eggs.

The inside is spacious which is an a excellent feature so you do not feel like you are sharing brunch with the table next to you. The Village even has a bar. Although, this restaurant is not known for brunch, it is definitely one of my favorite spots in Providence on the weekends. 

Fun Fact: A limited brunch menu is served on Saturdays. 

Recommendation: Creme Brûlée French Toast or Eggs Benedict