Shout out to the car-less (and fearless) freshies living solely off the dining hall, the sophomores living in Red Road whose parents don’t trust them with a car, and to any and every other UM student who’s just looking to grub on some dank eats, this article goes out to all you.

Here at the U we struggle to expand our food horizons, sticking to on campus dining places like The Rat, Tossed, Pollo Tropical, etc. When the on campus dining just doesn’t quite cut it (which is more often than not), check out one (or all three) of these restaurants that are walking distance from campus.

Threefold Cafe

walking distance

Photo by Katie Cruz

To my basic betches everywhere, rejoice and celebrate the opening of Threefold’s new second location located right in Sunset (6907 SW 57th Ave). If you easily get lost, like me, it’s right next to Shula’s 347 Grill. Not only can you walk on over to Threefold and enjoy their ever-so-talked about avo-toast, but you can do so while enjoying the warm and cozy environment this new location has. It’s rustic wood tables and trendy mason jar vases make my inner white girl burst with joy. Their playlist is also always on point, which just makes every bite taste that much better.

If you’re tryna branch out from the bomb Smashed Avo, I highly recommend the Chickie Babe, but make sure to try the fries – they’re worth every single calorie. You also can’t go wrong with any of the organic juices or coffee either, but my all-time favorite is the Mango juice.

Spring Chicken

walking distance

Photo courtesy of @thenaughtyfork on Instagram

This rustic and southern inspired, yet trendy, location is located where Miami’s Best Pizza used to be (RIP bae, imy), and boy, was the hype real. Seriously, this place is incredible. Although it just opened at the end of January, Spring Chicken has been filling up day in and day out. Maybe it’s because they’re the owners of Yardbird and Swine, or maybe it’s because of the chicken tenders (imma go with the tenders).

Prepare yourself to wait in a line that stretches outside the restaurant, and into the parking lot. But, no need to fret, once you step up to the register, your order will be ready in less than 5 minutes. If that’s not a quick turnover, idk what is. You seriously can not go wrong with anything on the menu. From the biscuits, to the tenders, sandwiches, milkshakes, and salads, Spring Chicken’s got it all.

#SpoonTip: UM students get a 25% discount during the month of February, so run on over quick. 

Jake & the Cake

walking distance

Photo by Danielle Brothers

Sitting on the corner of Ponce and Red Road, Jake & the Cake somehow manages to stay under the radar, but it’s time to change that. Their sandwiches are on some of the best bread ever and their kale salad is the best kale salad I’ve eaten. UM students should be flocking to Jake & the Cake. The menu offers breakfast, sandwiches, salad, pizza, but the restaurant is also home to a juice bar AND beautiful pastries.

My personal favorite menu items are the Avocado Kale Salad (with chicken), and Jake’s Turkey Melt. I haven’t ventured into the pastry territory yet, but the Pistachio Eclair and Paris Brest get rave reviews.