Okonomiyaki, yakisoba and takoyaki are three amazing street foods that are widely available all over Japan. All cooked on a hot plate, these are as common to Japanese people as halal or hot dogs are to us here in New York. However, these dishes are still relatively unknown in the USA. But fear not — you can now taste all three of these mouth-watering Japanese street foods at the newly opened DokoDemo in the East Village, New York City. 

Weichen Yan

Just in case you were wondering, before we dive in: the suffix -yaki means grilled or fried in Japanese, hence why all three of these delectable dishes tacked on to the end of their name. 


Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake made with shredded cabbage, scallions, flour, egg and other ingredients like meat (bacon is commonly used), seafood, mochi and cheese. Different parts of Japan have their own varieties: for example, in Osaka, grated nagaimo — a type of yam — is added to the batter for a smoother, more custard like finish. 


Weichen Yan

Yakisoba literally means fried noodles in Japanese, and it's exactly that. Vegetables and meat are typically added to it during the frying so that they take on all the wonderful flavorings in the noodles. At DokoDemo, they top their yakisoba with bonito flakes (thinly sliced/shaved pieces of dried, fermented fish) for an extra kick of that umami goodness.


Weichen Yan

Takoyaki is made with a batter of flour, shredded cabbage, octopus pieces, pickled ginger and scallions. The batter is cooked in a special molded pan, giving this delicious treat its signature ball-shape. It is typically drizzled with Kewpie mayonnaise and topped with bonito flakes. 

Hungry yet? Head to DokoDemo to grab one (or all three) of these tasty -yaki for your next lunch or dinner — or even just a delicious, indulgent snack.