Los Angeles is full of diverse food culture, and when it comes to Italian delis, we don't fall short. I feel as though we are all on the search for the most perfect sandwich, and whether you're near Hermosa Beach, Melrose or Santa Monica, you can find any Italian deli classic you are searching for. From traditional meatball subs to spicy salami sandwiches and sophisticated paninis, here are 3 Italian delis you need to try in LA.

1. Mickey's Italian Delicatessen - Hermosa Beach

Mickey's Deli in Hermosa Beach is evidently a local favorite. The beach side location offers anything from pastas, salads and endless sandwiches to regular and thick crust pizza. At Mickey's you can find peaceful seaside vibes with Classic Rock playing, the beach breeze outside and an extensive sandwich menu to choose from including a Chicken Parmigiano and Pastrami Deluxe. 

What I ate: I ordered the Hermosa Chicken per recommendation by Mickey himself, and it was one of the best chicken sandwiches I have ever had. With a moist and tender chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato avocado and alfalfa sprouts, it is everything you need in a chicken sandwich. 

Hurry over to Hermosa for the thick crust pizza as well that brought me back to my family's recipe with homemade pizza sauce and gooey, melty cheese. It's the perfect spot to grab a sub or slice and take a couple steps to enjoy them on the beach.

2. Angelini Alimentari - Melrose

Angelini Alimentari is an extension of Angelini Osteria in Melrose, and it is incredible. The Alimentari not only offers paninis, salads and toasts, but they make classic Italian pastries in house as well. Not only can you have a perfect Prosciutto Panino or a Tuscan Farro Salad, but you can complete the perfect Italian deli meal with any of the assorted cookies and pastries. 

What I ate: Again, I opted for the most popular recommendation and ordered the Veal Panino which was made with traditional tuna sauce that you will find in Italy. I also had the simple and salty Patate Fritte that were too good to pass up. 

If you're looking for a great date spot or a nice lunch outing, Angelini Alimentari is perfect for the sophisticated Italian deli style food you crave. With most of the staff speaking Italian to one another while you order, you will feel the authenticity up until the very last bite. 

3. Bay Cities Deli - Santa Monica

Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica not holds an entire store of amazing European products, but they offer delicious Italian deli classics as well. Their sandwiches range from Parma Prosciutto to Salami/Sopressata to their famous Godmother which includes salami, mortadella, prosciutto, ham, provolone with "the works" of veggies, dressing and a spicy pepper mix. 

What I ate: I guess I've developed a habit of always asking for a recommendation, but I always trust the chef's choice. I had the Godmother that was premade, but I had the choice of making it spicy, which I had to try. The peppers' heat complimented the plethora of Italian deli cuts of salami and prosciutto that created the satisfying sandwich. 

You can order ahead or ask for a fresh-made sandwich at the deli and walk around the store while you wait. From homemade frozen ravioli to fresh-packaged pastas and sauces, there are so many wonderful products to explore.

So whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up with a cappuccino and cannoli, or a hearty sandwich to complete your afternnon, these are 3 Italian delis you need to try in LA.