Let’s be real: there is no such thing as “bad” pizza, because even bad pizza is good pizza. (And as college students, who are we to discriminate against some late night Sarpino’s?) That being said, if you’re ordering Domino’s three times a week, you’re doing it wrong, because in addition to the standard Chicago chains, Evanston has way more to offer when it comes to the art form that is pizza. These three restaurants may be a short walk or L ride away from campus, but they’re well worth it – check them out next time you’re craving a slightly fancier slice of ‘za.

1. Union Pizzeria


Photo by Alia Wilhelm

When you first step into Union Pizzeria, the first things you’ll notice are the wall-to-ceiling windows and hanging pendant lights, which create a luxurious vibe. But in no time (well, probably after some time, since it can get pretty busy), you’ll be awed by the menu. Whet your appetite with a delicious small plate or two before moving on to the true stars of the show: the various wood-fired thin-crust pizzas. Traditionalists can delight in a stellar Margherita, while more adventurous eaters can try flavors like the BLT or potato & broccoli. My personal favorite is the lamb sausage, topped with eggplant, Gaeta olives and rosemary.

2. Trattoria D.O.C.


Photo courtesy of Trattoria D.O.C.

Trattoria D.O.C. has been serving up traditional Italian dishes to Evanston residents since 2006. This restaurant is your quintessential neighborhood spot, priding itself on time-tested recipes and fresh ingredients – the D.O.C. in its name even stands for Denominazione di origine controllata, an Italian food quality assurance label. This dedication to quality is certainly reflected in the menu, as you can’t go wrong with any of the numerous vegetarian, seafood and meat pizzas. Try the silvo e gabriele for that classic combination of prosciutto and arugula.

3. Ten Mile House


Photo courtesy of Ten Mile House

Though it’s technically not a pizza place, Ten Mile House has garnered attention for its wood-fired pies since its opening in November. Each of the four signature flavors on the menu is an unusual, intriguing combination – the TMH, for instance, is topped with house-made barbecue sauce, and the seemingly simple cheese and roasted tomato pizza features Alfredo sauce and caramelized onions. If neither of those options appeal to you, you can also craft your own pizza from a selection of cheeses, sauces, veggies and meats. Yes, yes and yes to adding thick-cut bacon, always.

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