The great thing about New York City is that you never know what you're going to find, especially in the food world. Now I'm sure you've seen cereal and ice cream before but now the universe brings you.... cereal infused ice cream! This amazing treat is making its way as an Instagram trend with aesthetically pleasing ice cream swirls and of course nostalgia.

I remember those Sunday mornings.. me, cartoons and of course those crazy cereal names but now there is a way to relive that experience through ice cream. These three New York City shops are giving nostalgia and creamy goodness to the good people of New York, one ice cream cone or cup at a time. 

1. Milk Bar 

Christina Tosi, a genius in the food world, created her own version of cereal infused ice cream by taking the milk left from the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes and turning it into soft-serve. This Cereal Milk Soft-Serve is topped with crushed cornflakes, making it a delicious and interesting treat. 

There is also cereal milk infused shakes for sale which are worth a try.

2. KITH treats

As soon as you enter KITH treats, you are bombarded with the smell of ice cream and cereal while the inner kid in you is screaming for joy. There are twenty-three cereal options to choose from and twenty-two topping options available. In KITH treats, you are able to either create you're own cereal infused ice cream or choose from fifteen signature specials. These signature specials are made by featured people such as Action Bronson who created The Bam Bam or Lebron James who created The King's Treat.

When your preference is picked, the cereal is then placed with the ice cream in an ice cream swirling device to combine the cereal and milk perfectly.

KITH Treats also offer a non-dairy vanilla (coconut based) ice cream and a choice of almond milk for those with dietary restrictions. 

3. Milk and Cereal 

Going to a Milk and Cereal store for the first time definitely channels your inner Sunday morning and cartoon watching vibe. There are televisions of cartoons on replay around the shop and various types of cereal in front of you. 

In Milk and Cereal, there are eighteen cereal options and twenty-three toppings to choose from. There are also seven signature blends to try or you can choose the option of making you're own. I personally chose the froot berry bliss which is a blend of froot loops, strawberries & blueberries topped with fruity pebbles and gummy bears, and I was not disappointed. There are a ton of options to choose from and plus you can never go wrong with trying out the specials as well.