As a former burger aficionado, the process of cutting down on my meat intake over the past year has had its challenges to say the least. The humble veggie burger has worked magic for me in the same way as a nicotine patch may for those quitting smoking. With vegetarianism and veganism on the up, restaurants are moving away from the go-to halloumi and/or portobello mushroom option (why are mushrooms even still a thing?) in favour of more inventive veggie burger patty options. Whether you are a lifelong vegetarian or you are just beginning to dabble in the world of the bean burger, this article should provide you with a good indication of where to find the best veggie burgers on offer in Edinburgh. 


Despite being unfairly difficult to find on Google Maps due to its ambiguous name choice, BURGER. is easy enough to find within Edinburgh itself. It's got a location on Shandwick Place and another just off Lothian Road on Fountainbridge. BURGER. provides a respectable budget option if you're not quite willing to settle for a McDonalds (no disrespect intended, I consider the Spicy Vegetable Deluxe a veritable feast at 3am).

The classic veggie burger with a single patty, comprising of organic tempeh, chickpeas, beetroot and sweet potato (I feel healthier just typing that out) is only £5.95. However if you're anything like me you won't want to stop there. Splash out another £2.50 to upgrade to the Mexi Veggie burger with chipotle relish, cheese, pickle, tomato, jalapeños and chipotle slaw. Double chipotle? Definitely a bargain. If that isn't your thing you can always go wild with the extra toppings and sauces which start from 75p and include veggie bacon. With enough cheese and other toppings you could almost convince the most staunchly carnivorous friends that it's the real deal. 

Also on offer at BURGER. is an impressive array of sides including fries (plain, cheese, or veggie chilli), onion rings, mac 'n' cheese, and fried pickles. These are all a really decent size and satisfyingly filling for the price. Unfortunately, there are no health boosts associated with them. 

I can personally assure you that BURGER. is just what you'll be in need of when you next end up with a hangover so do yourself a favour and pay them a visit. Or order in depending on just how severe the hangover is. 

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

After a controversial ad campaign poking fun at vegetarians early last year, it seems that GBK has come up with a peace offering in the form of the Veg Out burger, the restaurant's first ever vegetarian special. The brioche bun is stuffed full of all things wonderful: sweet potato, pea & feta croquettes, grilled aubergine, chermoula yoghurt, Cajun relish, garlic mayo and salad. I can confirm that it lives up to all expectations. It's a messy eat but 100% worth the amount of napkins you'll go through. The chermoula yoghurt was the highlight for me and I need to know where I can source my own personal supply.

As a special, it's likely that the Veg Out burger isn't here to stay (although I hope their HQ has taken note of my online feedback that strongly suggests it should become a permanent fixture). Worry not though, there are four more vegetarian offerings on the GBK menu. Get your fill with a jazzed up falafel burger; the Californian which features cheese, avocado, chilli mayo and crispy onions; 'Johnny Be Goat' with mushroom, goats cheese and an onion ring; or a vegan offering called 'Dippy Hippy'. Maybe stereotyping slightly there but I'll let it slide. 

In terms of sides, the onion rings are a delight, as are the sweet potato fries (swap out the baconnaise if you're vegetarian) and alongside a burger the portion sizes are ideal. GBK has regular offers on (such as a recent two burgers for £12 deal) and with plenty on offer for meat eaters and veggies alike, you really have no excuse not to pay the George Street branch a visit. 

Bread Meats Bread

Bread Meats Bread is an award winning burger restaurant with its roots in Glasgow, but (luckily for me) they have now opened a branch on Lothian Road in Edinburgh. You can't book a table so it's always stowed out inside, evidence of just how good their burgers are. On the menu you can find three different veggie burgers, all of which have options to 'veganise' with different substitutions. They even offer Vegenaise, a vegan mayonnaise substitute, and a vegan brioche bun without the typical egg and butter. 

There's far more on offer than bog-standard falafel, although the first option on the menu does happen to be a Mexican falafel burger with hummus, pico de gallo salsa & spicy mayo. However the offerings that really excite me from Bread Meats Bread are an ode to pulled pork, the BBQ pulled mushroom burger, and an innovative 'Beetroot & Baba' burger. By Baba they're talking about beetroot infused baba ganoush, which I am dying to try. 

If you're looking for a lighter meal, or are on a budget, Bread Meats Bread also offers a vegetarian cheese toastie called the Moyster. It includes a selection of vegetarian cheeses with those aforementioned BBQ pulled mushrooms, grilled peppers, onion and tofu & miso sauce. The tofu & miso sauce sounds like a winner if you ask me. 

This list is quite clearly not an all inclusive list of every decent veggie burger within a 7 mile radius of Edinburgh castle, but I do think that it should provide you with a good starting point to expand your burger horizons. Set aside a few days spaced out over the next month to give each of these restaurants a go, as it'll definitely be worth your time (and money).