King Bao gives the traditional Chinese bao a new twist. The typical bao is a steamed bun filled with tons of different fillings ranging from beans to different types of meats and veggies. King bao put a serious twist on this traditional food by splitting the bun into a taco shell-like shape and loading it further with even more meats and condiments. If you ever find yourself in Orlando and you're looking for some steamy bun goodness, here are the top 3 baos you need to be sure to get a bite of:

The Firecracker Shrimp Boa

The firecracker shrimp boa is a chili lime-marinated shrimp bao topped with mouth watering guacamole, lemon pepper, and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. If you're into seafood that packs a spicy and savory punch, then you really can't go wrong with the firecracker shrimp option. 

The Kicking Chicken 

This Kimchi Fried Chicken bao is a fried chicken bao (duh), with the salty richness of the chicken being balanced out with cucumber before being topped with kicking Sriracha aioli and scallions. It's one of the most popular options available at King Bao, so it's definitely worth at shot for $3.45. 

The Glen Rhee

Dedicated to the dearly beloved (former) characters on The Walking Dead, the Glen Rhee Bao pays respects to the characters Asian heritage with a kimchi-marinated Korean short rib bao topped with Asian pear salsa and more fresh cilantro. If you still not over Glen's devastating death, you can honor his memory by biting into this delicious spicy-sweet bao. 

So If you happen to be in Orlando, be sure to stop by King Bao for any one of these boas or just get the 3 bao combo to get all three plus a drink for $9.00.