Fall is forever an iconic season. In Atlanta, it consists of tall Appalachian trees becoming magnificent shades of yellow and orange, a much-needed transition from the heat and humidity to cool breezes and inviting outdoor weather, and comforting flavors that make us grateful that this highly anticipated time of year has finally arrived.

So, we can’t give fall a proper welcome without honoring the warm flavors that trademark fall. When searching for dishes to try, we were looking for flavors like sage, walnuts, brown butter, butternut squash, and countless others whose warmth could thaw a frozen heart. This month, we are headed across the city to taste 3 Atlanta fall pastas that are best enjoyed this time of year.

#1: Grana's Occhi and Paccheri Genovese

Our first stop of this fall pasta tour was at Grana. Boasting a warm and contemporary industrial vibe, this restaurant is an absolute must-visit. The menu is expansive and inclusive with countless delicious options to choose from.

They have two short rib pastas on the menu—the Occhi and the Paccheri Genovese. The Occhi is a short rib ravioli served with a porcini mushroom sauce, provolone cheese, and crispy breadcrumbs.

The Paccheri Genovese, which is pulled short rib over a thick pasta noodle, caramelized onions, and delicious pecorino cheese on top, was a more fitting choice for a fall pasta. It wasn’t too saucy and had a delightfully savory umami flavor that you can’t get enough of. Honorable mentions go to Grana’s Burrata, which comes with butternut squash, and their Local Beef meatballs.

#2: Pasta Da Pulcinella's Tortelli di Mele

Our next stop was at Pasta Da Pulcinella, located in Midtown. The Tortelli di Mele jumped off the menu as a fabulous fall dish. It’s described on their menu as a round ravioli filled with Granny Smith apple, sausage, and parmigiano. It is then topped with a light browned butter and sage sauce.

The ravioli had such a delightful combination of flavors that paired incredibly well with each other. The sage was powerful, yet it complimented the sausage for an overall delicious fall plate. Honorable mentions here include fried calamari, a standout tiramisu, and crème brûlée for dessert.

#3: Forza Storico's Cappelletti Spinaci

Finally, we tried the Cappelletti Spinaci at Forza Storico. This pasta includes braised spinach, smoked ricotta, pecorino cheese, mozzarella-filled cappelletti, toasted almonds, brown butter, sage, and grana.

Checking all the boxes for a delightful fall pasta, this dish was filling, hearty, and extremely tasty. It’s a plate full of warm pillows of pasta that, well, make you want to wrap yourself in a flannel.

When you visit Forza Storico, be sure not to miss their Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Cacio e Pepe pasta dishes to soak up more of their trademark traditional Roman cuisine.

This was a delightful trip around Atlanta that had us feeling even more enthusiastic about the flavors of this season. There are still a few more pastas on our list to check out, including the Agnolotti D’anatra from Storico Fresco, Tortelloni from Double Zero, and the Pizzorcheri Coi Rapini, also from Pasta Da Pulcinella.

We are looking forward to eating and dressing for the remainder of this season. What are some of your favorite Atlanta fall pastas?