Growing up in New Orleans, I've definitely had my fair share of typical NOLA sweets. New Orleans natives even celebrate Fat Tuesday like its a national holiday. Luckily, I was exposed to beignets, king cakes, and pralines from a young age (which probably accounts for my sweet tooth). However, beyond the classics, there are so many more great NOLA desserts that don't get enough credit. So, here are some of the best desserts in New Orleans that are definite must-visits.

1. Milk and Cookies from Willa Jean

Willa Jean is one of the most talked about restaurants in New Orleans. With fresh ingredients, a Southern-rustic feel, and all around great food, it is a go-to for many. Their twist on the classic milk and cookies is delicious. Chunky chocolate chip cookies with sea salt and creamy, refreshing milk to finish off everything off is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

2. Bananas Foster from Arnaud's

When I lived in NOLA, every Easter morning my family and I would go to church at St. Louis Cathedral and then walk to Arnaud's for a festive brunch. Arnaud's is a fantastic restaurant for many reasons, including their hospitable service, fun band, and especially their bananas foster. Part of the fun of ordering bananas foster is that they make it for you table side, flames and everything. The creamy vanilla ice cream paired with the warm bananas and rum sauce makes for the perfect dessert.

3. Slice of Cake from Bakery Bar

How could you not want to dig into a slice of this beautiful multi-layered cake? These cakes from Bakery Bar can be ordered and customized for a specific occasion, or you can just stop by for a slice of your choosing. The cake is fluffy and moist and the buttercream icing and filling brings the flavors together perfectly.

4. SnoBall from Hansen's Sno Bliz

SnoBalls are New Orleans' twist on a slushie or snow cone and have been around for ages. Hansen's opened up in 1939 during the Great Depression and has been serving snoballs ever since. With hundreds of flavors and different mixtures of their homemade syrups, you're bound to be satisfied by this delicious summer treat.

5. Coffee Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Muffin from PJ's

PJ's is like the Starbucks of New Orleans. It has delicious coffee, tea, and food like muffins or bagels. Not to mention it's a great after-school study spot. Their chocolate chip cappuccino muffin is the best muffin I've ever had in my entire life. Be sure to order it warmed up so you can get the full experience of the gooey chocolate mixed with the warm and moist cake of the muffin. 

6. Chocolate Bread Pudding from Red Fish Grill

Warning: don't watch the video above if you are even remotely hungry. This chocolate bread pudding is amazing. When you sit down for dinner at Red Fish Grill on Bourbon Street, they suggest that you order it before dinner because otherwise the wait could be up to an hour. An hour. That's how famous this bread pudding is. The warm chocolate and flaky yet moist bread is to die for. 

7. Cookies n' Cream Cupcake from Bittersweet Confections

Bittersweet Confections is the go-to bakery in New Orleans for cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and tarts. They make everything and will customize for any event AND everything tastes delicious. You can also pop into their store on Magazine Street, a popular shopping street with hundreds of boutiques, for a quick treat. Their cookies n' cream cupcake is a must try. With fluffy chocolate cake and a mixture of Oreos and vanilla icing with cookie crumbles on top, it puts a normal chocolate cupcake to shame.

8. Upperline Pecan Pie

Upperline's Louisiana Pecan Pie can be seen on every list of best slice of pecan pie in New Orleans. Everyone loves it! The pie itself looks delicious and gooey, especially when warmed up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

9. Cannoli from Angelo Brocato

Angelo Brocato is an Italian pastry shop that opened in 1905 that's located in the heart of the French Quarter. They're famous for their gelato and cannolis, but also serve biscotti, other pastries, and, of course, Italian espresso and coffee. They have regular cannolis filled with ricotta and even chocolate-dipped cannolis topped with pistachios. 

10. Beignets from Cafe du Monde

Beignets in New Orleans are a must. There are a ton of places to get beignets, but in my opinion Cafe du Monde is the best. Although there are usually long lines, it's completely worth the wait. Be prepared to have sticky hands and powdered sugar all over your face. This fried dough doused with powdered sugar is a local favorite and is definitely one of the best desserts in New Orleans.

11. Slice of Salty Malty Ice Cream Pie from GW Fin's

GW Fin's is a classy restaurant in New Orleans that's perfect for celebrations like birthday dinners, anniversary dinners, or even a date night. After a large and delicious dinner, you need to save room for dessert, because their Salty Malty Ice Cream Pie is so good. The mix of sweet and salty makes for the perfect after-dinner treat and is great for sharing.

12. Pralines from Aunt Sally's

Pralines are also another dessert that New Orleans is known for. They come in a bunch of flavors, but vanilla and chocolate are the basics. Pralines are a sugary confection with nuts on top that melt in your mouth. Out of all of them, Aunt Sally's is my absolute favorite praline place and is located right down the block from Cafe Du Monde.

#SpoonTip: They always have free samples, so get a few bites in before you buy one.

13. Dobites from Bakery Bar

Right now, you're probably thinking to yourself, "wtf is a dobite?!" A dobite is Bakery Bars' version of the petit four that's a mini four-layered cake with three layers of pudding or icing in the middle and fondant on the outside. You can order dobites for any party and can choose from 27 flavors that are both sweet and savory. Other than the classics, some of my favorites include bloody s'more, I used to be thin mint, fig white chocolate goat cheese, red velvet Elvis, and salted caramel. 

14. Fried Oreos and Twinkies from Voodoo Fest

After a long day of dancing at Voodoo Fest, who wouldn't want fried food, especially fried Oreos and Twinkies? These deep fried desserts are the perfect thing to snack on while watching a concert or trying to fuel up for the next one.

15. Milkshake from FreakShake Cafe

FreakShake Cafe is a relatively new shop in Metairie that makes some pretty freaky shakes. They have 18 milkshake options on their menu, plus the option to make your own. Their Drew Brees milkshake is one of the most popular orders, complete with a sprinkle-coated rim, whipped cream, Oreos, a brownie, and jumbo marshmallows. It's the perfect place to go with friends for a sweet sugar rush!

16. Oreo Cookie Waffles from Waffles on Maple

Waffles aren't technically a dessert, but these have Oreos, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream on them, so I'm counting them. Waffles on Maple whips up different crazy breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles with fun toppings. These Oreo Cookie Waffles are the perfect start to your day. Waffles on Maple also has other fun dessert waffles, including a homemade brownie waffle. 

17. Fig Cookies from Aglio NOLA

Aglio NOLA is known for their cute fig cookies. They're an Italian tradition and a fan favorite. A shortbread cookie filled with fresh fig filling and topped with rainbow sprinkles, these are the perfect way to finish off a nice dinner.

18. Chocolate-Dipped Fruit from Mister Apple NOLA

Mister Apple is the go-to place in NOLA for apples, bananas, marshmallows, and tons of other fruit covered and dipped in delicious toppings. Mister Apple even has specialty apples for seasons like a 'Who Dat Apple' for Saints Games and a pink decorated apple for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They truly have it all and you can even sign up for their apple of the month club on their website.

19. Any Flavor Ice Cream from Creole Creamery

If you want good ice cream in New Orleans, go to Creole Creamery. You can order anything from a plain cone, to an ice cream sundae, to a milkshake, to an ice cream sampler. If you're feeling bold, you can even try the Tchoupitoulas Challenge, which is eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings, whipped cream, wafers, and a cherry on top. Creole Creamery has two locations in Lakeview and Uptown and their homemade ice cream is to die for.

20. Cake in a Jar from Sucre

Sucre is a popular shop known for their confectionary twist on classic desserts. They have everything—gelato, macaroons, cake, chocolate, truffles, pastries, tarts—you name it. Their cake in a jar is so delicious and cute, and can be delivered right to your doorstep. 

21. Any Donut from District Donuts

Funfetti, strawberry cheesecake, piña colada, coconut cream, or dark chocolate orange donuts the size of your face. District Donuts is the best, enough said.

22. Chocolate Mousse Bomb from NOLA Restaurant

The NOLA Restaurant Instagram page describes this dessert as "chocolate mousse, milk chocolate-covered pretzels, and peanut butter cream." This dessert is perfect for any chocolate lover. The combo of PB and chocolate will always be good together. NOLA is a terrific restaurant owned by New Orleans' own Emeril Lagasse and is a definite must visit in New Orleans.

23. Puffed Pancakes with Nutella and Chocolate from Toast NOLA 

Toast NOLA is known for their spin on various breakfast toasts— avocado with an egg, chocolate with bananas, or even honey, prosciutto, and ricotta. These pancake puffs sprinkled with powdered sugar and your choice of a Nutella, chocolate, jam, caramel, lemon curd, or syrup dipping sauce on the side are the perfect treats to follow a healthy slice of avocado toast. I mean, hey, it's all about balance.

24. Milkshakes from Shake Therapy 

These milkshakes are insane. Who wouldn't want one of these colorful creations? Shake Therapy makes custom shakes so you can add as many toppings as your heart desires (and as your stomach will take). Cookies, Fruit :oops, Pop-Tarts, mini pies, donuts, sprinkles, chocolate drizzles, gummy bears, cereal, popcorn balls, Nutella...the list is endless. 

25. King Cake from Randazzo's

This wouldn't be a New Orleans dessert post without an ode to king cake. King cake is a traditional NOLA dessert that's especially popular around Mardi Gras. The cinnamon roll-like cake with white icing and topped with festive sugar sprinkles is delicious! And don't worry, if you get the baby, Randazzo's delivers.

At this point, you're probably wishing you were in New Orleans right now. Don't worry, so am I. Next time you're in the Big Easy, don't pass up these places, and remember to always save room for dessert!