The key to a great day is having a delicious brunch. Whether it be a busy schedule or waking up late, many people tend to forget this important meal. But skip the pancakes and waffles, eggs benedict is the king of all brunch foods. When I go to brunch, I always look forward to cutting into the yolk and watching it ooze out. The only trouble I have is deciding which version of eggs benny to order. So for all my runny-yolk-loving friends out there, here's a list of some of the best brunch spots in the Bay Area for eggs benny.

1. Stacks

Dominating the West Bay, Stacks has locations from San Francisco to all the way down in Campbell, CA, so there is no excuse to not try them. If you're not feeling brunch and want to go for lunch instead, they are also known for their delicious King Crab Panini Sandwich. Don't get this gem confused with Stacks Pancake House in Southern California.

2. The Sunny Side Cafe

It is always better on the sunny side! The Sunny Side Cafe, located in Berkeley, will leave you with a smile on your face. Missy Franklin ate here so you know this is the breakfast of champions. 

This restaurant is unique because they are all about sustainability, and have taken many steps in preserving our earth like only serving farm fresh eggs and humane certified meat. They even indicate to you which food options have low carbon emissions on their menu. 

3. Griddle Fresh

Located in the quaint Noe Valley district of San Francisco, Griddle Fresh is a great place to have brunch, especially when it is paired with a crispy, golden hash brown the size of half the plate! Their Smoked Salmon Tartine Breakfast is also amazing. And if you are feeling a bit sweet, their Banana Mascarpone Pancake Breakfast is a must!

4. Zazie

Zazie is a French restaurant located in the Cole Valley district in San Francisco. They always serve food on their signature painted plates, which give a homey feel. Also, they're proud to be tip-free as all of their menu prices include a living wage, revenue share, paid family leave, fully funded health & dental insurance, paid time off, and a 401(k) with employer match for all of their hard working employees. 

#SpoonTip: Be sure to get there early as the wait can get quite long, especially on weekends.

5. Homeskillet

Homeskillet is a great place if you are in the East Bay, located in Alameda. They serve freshly baked donuts (their specialty) made in house daily and amazing eggs benny... what more of a beautiful combination could one ask for? Although it's family-owned and operated, Homeskillet is where you definitely want to have your own plate, sorry not sharing. 

6. The Breakfast Club at Midtown

Join the club! And no I am not talking about the movie. Located in San Jose, The Breakfast Club is literally the breakfast club. Wooden tables and chairs with blue toned plates and mugs give off a rustic vibe, but I'm not complaining. To show how much they care about their customers, they try to make the wait go by a bit easier by providing complimentary coffee and water right outside next to the entrance.

7. Mama's On Washington Square

Sweet Mama! This place is a must try in SF. They are known for their Dungeness Crab Benedict and Dungeness Crab Omelette, but these specials are only served on the weekends. Even if you can't make it out on the weekends for these dishes, you can never go wrong at Mama's on Washington Square. So make sure to get there as early as possible as gets busy really quick, but it is definitely worth the wait. 

#SpoonTip: They do not take credit cards, so bring cash and enjoy.

8. Joanie's Cafe

Gosh, another place in the Bay that serves eggs benny? It's too good to be true. Joanie's Cafe, located in Palo Alto, closes around 2PM so be sure to set your alarm. For all you soup lovers, their French Onion Soup, on the lunch menu, is a crowd pleaser. You could even catch the Palo Alto Farmers Market, which is right next to Joanie's Cafe every Sunday from 9AM to 1PM.

9. Sweet Maple

Sweet Maple is located in SF near Japantown. Their eggs benedict comes with the option of fresh fruit or potatoes. I always opt for their potatoes, which compliment the eggs very well. All kinds of different potato varieties are included, such as sweet potato and purple potatoes. In addition to their eggs benny, many customers flock here for their thick maple syrup-covered Millionaire's Bacon, which gives it a sweet kick.

10. Crepevine

Though known for their delicious savory crepes, such as their Tuscany and San Francisco Crepes, Crepevine also serves quality eggs benny. A customer favorite is the New Orleans Benedict, which includes crab cakes over an English muffin with a spicy hollandaise sauce. With several different locations scattered all throughout the Bay Area, there is no better way to start the day.

11. Mission Beach Cafe

What makes MBC stand out is their Spinach and Cremini Mushroom Benedict. They even have black and white mugs that say Mission Beach Cafe, how much more aesthetic can it get? In addition to it being a restaurant, Mission Beach Cafe, located in SF Mission district, is also a bakery. What better way to finish off a good brunch than to buy pastries for dessert? Mission accomplished.

12. Bill's Cafe

The heart of San Jose, Bill's Cafe, has been a feature of the city for decades. Their first restaurant opened all the way back in 1977. Pictured above is their Mexicali Benedict, which includes pork, avocados, topped with salsa. Did I mention avocados? With locations all over the South Bay, Bill's is a great place to enjoy brunch with the fam. 

13. Hopscotch 

Hop on over to Hopscotch, located in Oakland. They serve American classics with a Japanese twist. The interior looks like a 70's diner with red cushioned seats and tiled floors. Their Pork Belly Benedict, pictured above, defines the most aesthetic plating ever and is a popular dish from this kitchen. Can't forget their donuts, which come with a butterscotch cream that will make your mouth water. Though it may look like it, this is definitely not your average American brunch place.

14. Mymy

Oh My! This spot knows how to serve up a delicious "benediction". Mymy is located in the neighborhood of Nob Hill in San Francisco and is not a place to miss out on. They are known for their Lemon Dill Crab Cake Benedict which has a green colored sauce, which is different than your typical yellow hollandaise sauce on eggs benny, but I don't have a problem with that. 

15. Hash House

While we're on the topic of green, Hash House is located in the small city of Campbell, which borders San Jose. The bright green plates they serve and the sweet smell of food will definitely wake you up in the mornings. The best part is that they tend to serve large portions, so grab a friend (or not) and share the goodness that Hash House has to offer. 

16. Brenda's French Soul Food

Brunch with a Southern twist, its name says it all. Pictured above is their delicious Fried Chicken Benedict, which will put you in a food coma afterwards, but in a good way. Brenda's French Soul Food located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco if you don't have time to go to South. Be kind to your soul and feed it some delicious comfort food. 

17. Cafe M

Mmm! Cafe M, located in Berkeley, is a great place to enjoy brunch with friends and family. They serve breakfast and lunch using only the most fresh and organic ingredients all day from 8AM until 4PM. So waking up late isn't an excuse to miss out on their popular Crab Cake Benedict. In addition to their warm and welcoming environment, Cafe M is also a dog-friendly restaurant so bring your furry friends!

18. Los Gatos Cafe

Come eat like a local! Tucked away in the quaint Los Gatos area, Los Gatos Cafe is worth the drive to the South Bay. They currently have two locations, uptown and downtown Los Gatos. Many locals love to eat here whether it is for breakfast or lunch. If you are and early bird, you can get your eggs benny fix starting as early as 6AM when they open. 

#SpoonTip: They don't accept cards, so bring cash!

19. Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen

Bennys by the beach! Enjoy a nice warm brunch right next to San Francisco's Ocean Beach. If you are feeling adventurous and don't want the typical eggs benny on an English muffin, try Beachside Coffee Bar and Kitchen's Col. Daily Benedict. It is pretty much chicken and waffles but with a special addition, a poached egg topped with hollandaise sauce! If you love eggs, chicken, and waffles, this place is definitely for you.

20. Cafe Gourmet

Cafe Gourmet is located in the neighborhood of Willow Glen in San Jose. Though their restaurant is a bit on the small side, the food speaks for itself. In addition to getting a cozy sit down brunch, this spot also offers catering for events. Cafe Gourmet also delivers with DoorDash if you're feeling lazy but still want to eat good.

21. Hollywood Cafe

Have brunch with some of Hollywood's most famous icons near Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Maybe not literally, but Hollywood Cafe has photos of Hollywood icons all over their walls. This is the place to be, especially if you are a fruit lover since their sides come with such an amazing variety of fruits. So if you want a brunch date with Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley, Hollywood Cafe is where it's at.

22. Berkeley Social Club

Join the Berkeley Social Club, you won't regret it. This place is not your average brunch place, it has super modern and hip design with cool light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. There are spaces that are open and spacious for a communal feel, but there is more private seating areas as well. This Korean-American restaurant will leave you wanting more with their Blackstone Benedict, which comes with Millionaire's Bacon inside it. The perfect 2-in-1 combo.

23. Lama Beans Cafe

Lama Beans Cafe is located in West Berkeley. If it's one of those days when you just want to stay in your pjs and fuzzy slippers, they also deliver with UberEATS. They got their unique name from the previous manager, Lama, when the restaurant used to be called Jimmy Bean. When the previous owners sold the restaurant, the new owners declared a new name and that was how Lama Beans Cafe came to be. 

24. Pastis

Bonjour! Get a little taste of France at Pastis, located in Palo Alto. They are an authentic French Bistro with an amazing selection for brunch. Though the restaurant is small, it is super warm and cozy on the inside so it feels like you are actually dining in the South of France. They have an outdoor seating option so you can enjoy brunch on a sunny day. So grab your friends, its benny time, Bon Appétit!

#SpoonTip: They are closed on Mondays, c'est la vie.

25. Breakfast at Tiffany's

You can check Breakfast at Tiffany's off your bucket list now! The name isn't based on the Audrey Hepburn movie but from the original owner in 1978 who named it after his niece. Located in South San Francisco, this place has a trio benedict which offers 3 different kinds of eggs benedict: the Loco Moco, Corned Beef, and Fried Chicken Benedict. All this on one plate with the choice of tater tots? That is heaven on earth.