Let's face it, we all live on a budget in college. Since the district is home to so many universities, it's pretty easy to find some affordable but delicious food. The question is, however, which places are the best? Read up on some yummy and cheap DC restaurants.  

1. Five Guys

How could this not be included considering the first Five Guys started in the DMV! So good and so cheap. Also, there are soooo many locations throughout the DMV.

2. Bánh Mì D.C. Sandwich

YUM - DC Banh Mi is good year round. My favorite sandwich is the barbecue pork but I've heard good things about the chicken too.  All sandwiches are served on freshly made baguettes and topped with veggies and are delish.

3. Taco Bamba

Taco Bamba makes tacos ranging from $3-$6 making it a super affordable place to get your Mexican fix. They're also very authentic and serve a variety of kinds including a beef tongue one which is only $4. Whatta steal.

4. Ben's Chili Bowl

A DC icon, Ben's Chili Bowl is a must go. Their famous half-smoke chili dog is only $4.40 AND comes with a free fountain drink. Yum yum yum.

5. Duccini's

Jumbo slice pizza for $4.99? Yea, you know this should be on your drunk eats list.

6. The Pretzel Bakery

Say goodbye to Auntie Anne's. This place will knock your socks off and get you two breakfast sliders for $5.

7. El Pollo Rico

For $7 you can get a quarter of a Peruvian roasted chicken.  Basically, you can pay $7 for some of the best chicken you'll ever eat.

8. Julia's Empanadas

These things are pockets of love.  For $7.87 you can get one savory and one sweet empanada with a drink. Who wouldn't pay that for a handmade, authentic treat.

9. Pho 75

For $7.20 you can get a LARGE bowl of pho goodness. Meaning you can get a HUGE bowl of rice noodles, meat and herbs that are healing for the soul.

10. Ledo Pizza

$6.99 will buy you an 8-inch rectangular cheese pizza. Each topping is only 75 cents. Hit up this DMV pizza chain for some pizza at any hour of the day.

11. Duck Donuts

Coming up from OBX Duck Donuts has taken over. For $6.75 you can get half a dozen warm, freshly made donuts. YUM!

12. Good Stuff Eatery

For under $8 you can get a juicy, delicious cheeseburger or one of the fresh "healthy" salads at a former Top Chef's restaurant.

13. Amsterdam Falafel

Amsterdam Falafel is some of  the best in the DMV and you can try it for a VERY cheap price of under $6 for a falafel  sandwich! Their fries have also been voted some of the best in the district HINT HINT.

14. Bayou Bakery

If you're in need of some cheap southern comfort food, look no further. Their small plates are super yummy, especially their pepper jelly and cream cheese ($9) or their greens at the low low price of $4.

15. Nando's Peri Peri

For $5.95 you can get a quarter of a Peruvian roasted chicken! Add a side (french fries obviously) and it only becomes $8.15.  With various locations across the DMV this should be a go-to.

16. Cosi

With breakfast sandwiches for under $4, and $5 flatbreads this chain is delicious and fresh. ALSO if you're in the mood for s'mores they have a make-your-own s'mores kit for two (or more) for $8. 

17. District Taco

OH YES. District Taco is the best. You can get three breakfast tacos for $8 ALL. DAY. You can also get three normal tacos for $8 but breakfast all day is a bonus. District Taco has many locations to satisfy your Mexican food cravings.

18. Pete's New Haven Style Pizza

Two words. Clam. Pizza. Yes, it sounds weird but it is honestly so good that you will never doubt seafood on a pizza again. You can get a small (10 in) pizza for $9. Split this between two people and you get half a pizza for under $5. WOW.

19. Elevation Burger

This burger joint started in NoVA and now has locations across the country. The DMV needs to be proud of this ahhmazing burger and even better fries. Their delish organic burgers are only $8 and are made from the most wholesome ingredients.

20. Bub and Pop's 

For $8 you can get any half sub which is more than enough food for you. ALSO they have a soup of the day that is sure to warm you up.

21. Lincoln's Waffle Shop

Who doesn't love waffles? For $9.95 you can get the biggest portion of chicken and waffles you've ever seen, or for $3.50 you can just get a huge waffle.

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