Other than the fact that it means Christmas and New Years are happening, the cold friggin' sucks. And sure, you can pile on all the jackets you want, but getting through the jam-packed streets of NYC while you're basically a human marshmallow can be tough. That's why I'm here to tell you about the best hot chocolate in NYC, from Manhattan all the way to my home, Queens. These drinks will make your slog through the snowy New York streets more bearable. Just don't burn your tongue!

1. Serendipity 3

We might as well get this one right off the bat. I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, but did you know it also comes in freakin' peanut butter?!? They have your average hot chocolate, but also the Serendipity version with grated orange, cinnamon, and shaved French chocolate. These guys know what's up.

2. City Bakery

If you're a fan of everything marshmallow-y, you're gunna love City Bakery. With homemade jumbo marshmallows that fill the entire top of the cup, you'd best bet when that bad boy melts you'll have a super creamy drink in your hands. Also, their flavors change daily in December, making this one of the places to find the best hot chocolate in NYC.

3. Squish Marshmallows

Speaking of those miraculous marshmallows, you'll want to head over to Squish Marshmallows to fill that deep longing for squishy, sugary goodness. Sure, it's basic hot chocolate, but you get to add any of the marshmallow varieties into it, so when it melts you're left with a flavorful chocolatey beverage.

4. Martha's Country Bakery

I live right outside of Forest Hills, so of course I know about Martha's Country Bakery—their triple chocolate cookies are my life. That being said, they offer some pretty wicked hot chocolate, including one in a red velvet flavor. Nothing could be more festive for the holiday season.

5. Milk Bar Bakery

You probs know Milk Bar as that place with the dope cake truffles and soft serve, but what you didn't know is that they also sell bomb a** hot chocolate. Charring their marshmallows to bring out that extra flavor, they offer your favorite winter sip with cereal milk—basically, that sweet nectar of the gods that stays at the bottom of your cereal bowl. A-maze

6. Bibble and Sip

Lemme just say that Bibble and Sip is the most adorable place I've ever experienced—their alpaca logo just gets to me, and their slogan "BS all you want" is my life motto. Their hot chocolate is made with a mix of Valrhona 72% Guanaja dark chocolate and 35% satilia milk chocolate. And if you go near Halloween? Ghost marshmallows. 

7. MarieBelle

Not only is this place instagramable AF because of the ~flair~ they add to each of their dishes, but MarieBelle sells four different types of specialized hot chocolate, spanning the spectrum of savory to sweet. They have spicy, with hints of chipotle ancho chili, as well as white chocolate and vanilla-flavored decadence—something for every palate. 

8. NuNu Chocolates

Some people prefer variety in life, but sometimes ya just gotta stick to the simple stuff. NuNu Chocolates crafts coziness in a cup with their classic hot chocolate—perfect for when you want something that's juuuust right. In the summer, they offer a frozen version as well, so you can have simplicity in every season.

9. No Chewing Allowed

If you're ever in Bryant Park in the winter when its holiday market is up, you'll know you passed by this place because of the smell—rich, pure chocolate. No Chewing Allowed melts an entire truffle in each, so it's got that rich, not-too-sweet flavor that's just to die for. Def a must if you're around there during the holiday season.

10. Jacques Torres Chocolates

Jacques Torres is a man who knows his chocolate, and that's a passion I can respect. If you step into one of these magical stores, you know you can trust this decadent beverage, which comes in classic (milk) and wicked (dark). But hold up, because it gets even wilder with flavors such as white chai, peanut butter, caramel, and even orange. Props for variety and originality.

11. Max Brenner

Hugs are the best, right? And hot chocolate is basically a hug in a cup. So, when Max Brenner introduced the Hug Mug, they specifically designed it for this cozy beverage. You hold it in both hands to create the ultimate experience of warmth and indulgence. Oh, and did I mention they have Oreo hot chocolate? And Italian Thick? Sophisticated AF.

12. Maman

Maman is rustic aesthetic to the max, and add on this cozy, French cafe vibe and you get a truly peaceful, calming place. To continue with that idea of inner harmony, they have lavender hot chocolate that's the essence of serenity. If you're having a stressful day, this is the place to be.

13. Two Little Red Hens

An adorable little bakery on the Upper East side, Two Little Red Hens has a killer Mexican hot chocolate. If you want that super spicy kick, you'll fall in love with this stuff. Also grab one of their cupcakes—the red velvet is amazing, with unbelievable icing and a cake that's super soft and moist. 

14. Grace Street Cafe

Coffee shop by day, dessert cafe by night, Grace Street Cafe is a sleek little Korean hangout with everything from waffles to shaved ice cream to—you guessed it—amazing hot chocolate. They have your original fix, but also jasmine and matcha varieties, so don't shy away from the temptation. Def one of the best places to get hot chocolate in NYC.

15. Ladurée

If you're looking for a place that'll make you feel like the queen of France, head over to Ladurée—it has an accent mark over the "e" so it's, like, hella fancy. Stepping in there is like entering a magical kingdom of macarons. Their thick hot chocolate is the perfect pairing. 

16. Bouchon Bakery

I personally love the Bouchon Bakery located at Columbus Circle. There's nothing better than grabbing a cup of warm, rich hot chocolate and strolling aimlessly around Central Park, dodging murderous pigeons and enjoying the snow-covered tree line. Plus, they have a bunch of chocolate chips at the bottom of the cup like a lil surprise just waiting for you.

17. Eddie's Sweet Shop

If nostalgic Christmas seasons are more your vibe, take a stroll down Metro to Eddie's Sweet Shop, located in Queens and known by pretty much everyone in the area. It's not super done-up and fancy, but it's got that old-fashioned ice cream parlor vibe that makes you want to order a fudge sundae and play oldies on the jukebox. Hot chocolate is served warm and in adorable mugs. 

18. Madison & Vine

Feelin' like a little bit of booze would help keep the cold away? Madison & Vine offers a broad spectrum of cocktails and wines to satisfy every craving, including a boozy hot chocolate. Made with brandy, dark creme de cacao, and spiked hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, it'll be sure to keep those winter blues away.

19. Voilà Chocolat

Need to entertain your annoying little cousins while your parents and aunts do some "adulting?" Take them down to Voilà Chocolat, where they can hand-make chocolate in cute little molds. Plus, the hot chocolate varieties include matcha, banana, and daredevil, if you're up for the decadence. Maybe they'll put in a good word to your aunts for a Christmas gift.

20. Spot Dessert Bar

No one does dessert like Spot Dessert Bar—I mean, their stuff is outrageous. The Harvest is a cheesecake served in a pot, and their milk buns filled with just about anything you could image are the epitome of #foodporn. Oh, and their Nutella hot chocolate? The best in the city. It's the most satisfying thing on a cold winter day.

I don't know about you, but it's not really winter in NYC if I don't have a cup of hot chocolate in my hand. Whether it's matcha, Nutella, or spiked—heck, why not try them all? There are 31 days in December, so you have enough time to try each of these places to get the best hot chocolate in NYC. The sugar rush is worth it.