It's no secret that Disney World does everything big. There are many reasons it's one of my favorite places in the universe. Not only have I traveled there multiple times with family, but I actually lived there for a semester (what a dream, right?). As part of the Disney College Program, I spent five months living in my favorite place, and I had fun trying all the food. From five star restaurants to snack carts, Disney food is one of the best parts about the parks. Disney World snacks are as magical as they sound.

Somehow Disney manages to make even simple snacks taste good, in addition to blowing us away with out-of-this world creations. The next time you go to the Most Magical Place on Earth, you should test out these amazing Disney World snacks.

1. Dole Whip

This creamy, fruity delight is basically pineapple ice cream. It's a classic Disney staple that you MUST try if you're in the kingdom. It's the most refreshing soft serve treat you will ever have.

Where to find it: Aloha Isle (Adventureland, Magic Kingdom), Pineapple Lanai (The Polynesian Resort), Tamu Tamu Refreshments (Africa, Animal Kingdom)

2. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

This macaron ice cream sandwich is one of the best snacks you will ever eat. This treat is fresh, delicious ice cream smashed between two delightful macarons. I was honestly not sure about it, but once I tried it I could not stop talking about it. It comes in chocolate and a seasonal flavor—strawberry in summer (my favorite), pumpkin spice in fall, peppermint in winter, etc.

Where to find it: L'Artisan des Glaces (France, Epcot)

3. Popcorn

I know what you're thinking. It's just popcorn... How is it special? I don't have much of an answer besides Disney popcorn tastes 5000% better than microwave popcorn. Buttery, crunchy, salty, I am salivating. The weird part? It's literally Pop Secret popcorn. It says it right on the box. But somehow (Disney magic, maybe?), it tastes out of this world delicious when you're walking around the parks.

Where to find it: Popcorn stands in all four of the main parks

4. Corn dog nuggets

Corn dogs are pretty good on their own, but Disney knows how to make them better. They take mini wieners, fry them up in the corn meal batter and serve them with the most delicious shoe-string fries. They're the perfect size, super filling, and the cheapest thing on the menu at Casey's. A literal steal! Corn dog nuggets are the perfect parade-viewing snack.

Where to find it: Casey's Corner (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom)

5. Cream Cheese Pretzel

Have you ever had a pretzel stuffed with cream cheese? Neither had I until Disney made this dream come true. This snack is doughy, creamy, cheesy goodness. Sweet (but not too sweet) cream cheese surrounded by delicious pretzel dough.

Where to find it: Lunching Pad (Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom), the stand across from the Rockin' Rollercoaster (Hollywood Studios)

6. Mickey Bar 

Kaitlyn Mulligan

The Mickey Bar is another classic Disney treat. Creamy vanilla ice cream surrounded by a luscious chocolate shell. Shape it into Mickey's head and you're in Disney World!

Where to find it: Ice cream carts around each of the four main parks

7. Sprinkles Cupcake

Where I'm from, we don't have cupcake ATMs. We have normal ATMs whose only purpose is to make me feel bad about my bank account. Leave it to Disney to improve the ATM by having one that spits out cupcakes instead of bank statements. That, in addition to the full bakery, make for some pretty delicious cupcakes. From red velvet to salted caramel to carrot cake, these cupcakes are phenomenal. 

Where to find it: Sprinkles (Disney Springs)

8. Nutella Waffle

We've all had Nutella with fruit, or maybe fruit with your waffles. But have you ever had a full, fresh waffle stuffed with Nutella, bananas, and berries? I didn't think so. This snack is more of a meal, to be honest, because of its size. But with a view of the castle, this sweet treat will send you into a whole new world.

Where to find it: Sleepy Hollow (Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom)

9. Turkey Leg

Kaitlyn Mulligan

You can argue that this isn't a snack, but it's served at carts so I'll stretch the rules a bit. Walking through Frontierland, the smell of turkey legs will have you hooked and your mouth watering. This novelty treat will make you full in literally two seconds, but it's so delicious you'll keep eating. 

Where to find it: Carts in Frontierland (Magic Kingdom), Fife & Drum Tavern (American Adventure, Epcot)

10. Mickey Pretzel

Kaitlyn Mulligan

Another standard Disney treat, the Mickey Pretzel holds a special place in any fan's heart. The salty soft pretzel is delicious on its own or dipped in hot cheese. Everything tastes better in a Mickey shape.

Where to find it: Snacks carts in any of the main parks.

11. Rice Krispies Treat

My family and I discovered the beauty of the Rice Krispies treats when we were given too many snacks to eat in a meal plan. We ended up taking about 20 of these babies home with us and we didn't regret it. Buttery, sweet, and sticky (in a good way), this snack satisfies.

Where to find it: Most merchandise locations that serve snacks (Goofy's candy shop, the Confectionary, etc.)

12. Chocolate-Covered Pineapple

Fresh fruit? Check. Delicious chocolate? Check. Pretty, Instagram-worthy treat? Check! This snack is sweet and tart. And it's fruit so it's definitely at least somewhat healthy.

Where to find it: Sweet Spells (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios), Main Street Confectionary (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom), and other similar treat locations

13. Goofy Glacier

When you're thirsty but don't want a boring drink, the Goofy Glacier is for you. This slushy drink is perfect for hot summer days or when you're craving something sweet. It comes in several flavors, usually blue raspberry, lemonade, cherry, etc. 

#SpoonTip: If you ask for two flavors, they will swirl them. I always get blue raspberry and lemonade.

Where to find it: Goofy's Candy Company (Disney Springs), Sweet Spells (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios), Big Top Souvenirs (Circus, Magic Kingdom)

14. Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich

The ice cream sandwich is a perfect snack. Creamy, easy to carry, and a good cool-off for a hot day. Shape it into Mickey's head and you're in Disney World!

Where to find it: Ice cream carts around each of the four main parks

15. Marshmallow pops

These sweet treats are so cute and delicious. They're usually on a stick with chocolate-covered marshmallows and a fun design. Most of the time, they come stuck on a Mickey straw that you can keep. It's freaking adorable.

Where to find it: Main Street Confectionary (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom), Big Top Souvenirs (Circus, Magic Kingdom), Sweet Spells (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios), and other places that sell similar treats

16. Mickey's Kitchen Sink Sundae

Have you ever heard of the Kitchen Sink Sundae at Disney's Beaches and Cream restaurant? You can find the mini version of it in Magic Kingdom! Complete with delicious ice cream and toppings, a Mickey sink bowl, and a cherry on top, this dessert is so fun. Plus, it can definitely feed more than one person (unless you're ambitious).

Where to find it: Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom)

17. Churro

Another classic Disney snack, the humble churro joins our ranks. What's better than fried dough tossed with cinnamon sugar? Not much, my friends. It's the perfect snack to satisfy you between rides as it's easy to carry and doesn't take too long to eat. 

Where to find it: Anaheim Produce (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios) and various stands around each of the four parks

18. Mickey Cookie

One of the simpler choices, the classic Mickey cookie can be found with many designs in multiple flavors. It's delicious, chewy, and sweet.

Where to find it: Main Street Confectionary (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom), Big Top Souvenirs (Circus, Magic Kingdom), Sweet Spells (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios), and other places that sell similar goodies

19. Goofy's Candy Company Gummies

If you're looking for a sweet fix that doesn't break the bank and is easy to grab and go, gummies are the snack for you. Sold at many merchandise locations, Goofy's Candy Company gummies delight with different flavors and fun character shapes. The sour ones are my favorite.

Where to find it: Goofy's Candy Company (Disney Springs), Main Street Confectionary (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom), and other places (including merchandise shops) where sweet treats are found

20. Candy Apples

One of the prettiest snacks you can get at Disney World is the candy apple. They come in all sorts of designs with chocolate, caramel, and other toppings. It's amazing how these little creations can make a simple treat into a work of art.

Where to find it: Goofy's Candy Company (Disney Springs), Main Street Confectionary (Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom), Big Top Souvenirs (Circus, Magic Kingdom), Sweet Spells (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Studios)

I love Disney World and one of the best parts about it is the food. They put so much thought and care into developing delicious, fun treats for you and your family. It's the perfect place to try something new and I encourage you to branch out even beyond these snacks.

Whether you're a first-timer or a Disney veteran, Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts knows how to satisfy your hunger. With classic delights and treats you can't get anywhere else, it's truly a unique experience. One thing's for sure: Disney World snacks are the best snacks. 

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