Ever really really really craved pizza? Hungry after a night out with friends (or a night in with your orgo textbook)? Got a midterm coming up (*cry*) and want sustenance to power you through the night? Check this here list below to solve your every woe:

If You’re Craving Pizza

What would New Haven (aka pizza town) be without pizza? Here’s where to get it.

1. Alpha Delta Pizza

new haven

Photo by Kristina Kim

Okay, slight disclaimer: the go-to menu item here isn’t pizza. But chances are your cravings will be more than satisfied by the Wenzel, described by a former Yalie as “a grinder sandwich with chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo and hot sauce, toasted to perfection.” If you haven’t Wenzeled, you haven’t lived.

2. Yorkside Pizza

new haven

Photo by Caroline Kim

Right next to Toads, this pizza joint couldn’t be more conveniently located. If you want a warm, cheesy fix after dancin’ it up, Yorkside’s the place to go. They also deliver for you studious, non-Woads Scholar folk.

3. Est Est Est

new haven

Photo courtesy of John B.

You can get the 2 large cheese pizza special for $17.95 or the large cheese pizza for $10.95, with no delivery cost (for orders above $10). Cheap AND tasty. Do I hear suite pizza night? Yes yes yes.

4. Wall Street Pizza

new haven

Photo courtesy of Thay V.

You don’t have to go to Wall Street to enjoy Wall Street Pizza – you can enjoy it from the comforts of your own dorm (apologies for the terrible joke).

#SpoonTip: You gotta try the garlic rolls from heaven.

5. Brick Oven Pizza

new haven

Photo by Vivian Dang

Everything is under $20 at this haven of gourmet pizza, standard pizza, calzones and whatever else you heart (err..stomach?) desires. “It’s crispy and chewy all at the same time. The pizza is always gone too soon and you always wish you’d ordered a bigger size.” –Katie Stoops 2016

6. Costa Pizza

new haven

Photo courtesy of Costa Pizza

Just look at dat brick oven. This place has got killer pies, and on top of that, DELIVERY TIRAMISU. You heard it here, folks.

7. Aladdin Crown Pizza

new haven

Photo courtesy of new-haven.eat24hours.com

Delivering till 1 am on any given night (4 am for Friday and Saturday), Aladdin is sure to bring you ooey gooey bliss during those long nights – maybe even show you a whole new world. Try the Chicken Shawarma while you’re at it, you won’t be disappointed.

8. Red Tömado

new haven

Photo by Sarah Strong

Chipotle and pizza had a baby and its name is Red Tömado. Here, you can build your own pie from two types of dough, seven types of sauces, nine types of cheese and many, many toppings, complemented with free extras like chopped garlic and oregano. What’s more, you aren’t limited to just one type of sauce/cheese – do I hear a kickin’ buffalo sauce with goat cheese and mozzarella?

If You Want a Lil’ Something Ethnic

As great as it is, pizza gets kinda old after the third time this week.

9. Pitaziki

This Mediterranean haven of sorts will help you solve one of life’s hardest dilemmas: falafel or shwarma? Not to fear – the shawafel is here. At Pitaziki, you can have both in a warm wrap or pita. If you don’t wanna get your hands dirty, go with a rice bowl (their basmati rice is bae) or salad.

10. Sitar

new haven

Photo courtesy of sitarnewhaven.com

If you’re in the mood for classier chow (maybe a a lil somethin to share with a special someone), this is a great choice. Sitar has super speedy delivery and friendly staff. What’s more, the tender meat, balanced spices and flavorful – but not too rich – sauces are sure to get your tastebuds goin’.

11. Tikkaway

new haven

Photo courtesy of Tikkaway

With locations on both Howe St. and Orange St., Tikkaway is sure to hit the spot for all your savory cravings. An Indian Chipotle of sorts, their filling choices include lamb, chicken, chana (chickpeas), panir (cheese) and aloo (potatoes), all served with warm, flavorful sauces and chutneys. You best be prepared, cause it gon’ tikka your heart away.

12. Tomatillo

new haven

Photo courtesy of tomatillotacojoint.com

Let’s taco bout it sometime, yeah? Create your own tacos, taco salads, burritos and burrito bowls with freshly prepared ingredients – they make the shrimp as you order! If you’re feelin’ saucy, top it off with a slice of Tres Leches or some churros (served with dulce de leche sauce). Don’t miss out because that would be seriously awkotaco.

13. Main Garden

new haven

Photo by Sarah Strong

“Because you can feed five people with fifteen dollars and everything is deep fried!” I rest my case. We recommend the scallion pancakes or fried pork dumplings.

If You’re Not Really Feelin’ Something Ethnic

Foods from other cultures are exciting, but sometimes we wanna stick to those American roots.

14. Five Guys

A chain just opened in New Haven, so get ’em while they’re hot. We personally like the cajun seasoned fries, but at Five Guys, all your tato dreams come true. Still, if fries aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with the quintessential cheeseburger.

15. Jake’s Diggity Dogs

new haven

Photo courtesy of Jake’s Diggity Dogs

Where else can you get mac n cheese on your hot dog? Fun fact: They also carry mochi ice cream from Hawaii. Hot dogs + mochi – who woulda thought?

16. Wings Over New Haven

It's been a whiiiiile #wingsover #allday #tare #mint

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Best wings in town, hands down. Wings Over New Haven offers 20 different flavors of sauces, and each is better than the next. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the wings are literal perfection. But if you need to maintain a certain level of decency and can’t afford to have messy hands, opt for the boneless wings aka breaded chicken tenders from above.

If You’re *Trying* To Be Healthy

It’s approaching wenzel o’clock but hey, you’re trying out this health thing (ain’t it fun), so check out these places for lighter, less guilt-inducing options.

17. Claire’s Cornercopia

new haven

Photo by Drew Glaeser

While known for her signature cakes (easy on the eyes but hard on the waistline, I’m afraid), Mrs. Claire serves up some pretty dank superfood smoothies and vegetarian yummies – soy bacon BLT, anyone?

18. Panera Bread

Who's in the mood for more fireworks? The Strawberry Poppyseed Salad kind.

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Oy, a college student’s staple. Located conveniently on Chapel, Panera’s a great place to get a soup-sandwich, soup-salad or salad-sandwich combo – y’know, for dem leafy greens ‘n things. And with the super convenient online ordering system, you don’t even have to wait in line.

If. You. NEED. Sugar. Now.

Oh, don’t tell me you’ve never felt that way before.

19. Insomnia Cookies

new haven

Photo by Erin Sungelo

This is a classic for all y’all night owls (and low key sugar addicts). Nothin’ like a good ol’ cookiewich to drown your sorrows (or celebrate the joy of writing papers) with. Word to the wise: don’t look up the calories.

Happy eating.