Finals are upon us, and so is the restlessness and insatiable hunger that comes hand-in-hand with those long bouts of studying and paper-writing. After exhausting Sharples’s Burger Bar and the Science Center’s Wow-Butter sandwiches, perhaps its time to take that well-deserved food excursion off campus and even, for a change of scenery, out of Swarthmore.

House, located in downtown Media, is your place; specializing in sandwiches that satisfy those finals-induced cravings. Yes you know exactly what I’m talking about, those hankerings for melty goodness cozied between slices of crisp, warm bread. Want a sandwich stuffed with the perfect combo of avocado chicken salad, tomatoes, crunchy bacon, and a kick of chipotle remoulade [El Niño]? They’ve got it. Or, for the more veggie inclined, a panini oozing with goat cheese and seasonal vegetables [Veg-head]? They’ve got that also. Their sandwich selection has something for everyone. However, to make your experience all the more enjoyable, whatever your sandwich choice, it needs to be accompanied by a bowl of their subtly spicy tomato soup – perfect for some dunkage.


Veg-head, Photo by Tess Wei

IMG_0716 - Version 2

Tomato soup, Photo by Tess Wei

Now, we are all familiar with the classic ‘choose any two’ option, indulging the indecision that arises when looking at a menu with a lot of [yummy looking] dishes. However, if you’re like me, not even ‘choose any two’ can satisfy your indecisiveness. Luckily, House has a glorious ‘choose any three‘ option (which I have never seen before). So, yes you can get that hot sandwich, companion soup, and an equally delicious salad laden with anything from spicy chicken to zesty hummus. You really can’t go wrong – especially when a satisfying meal at House can cost less than $11.


King Khan salad, Photo by Tess Wei


Shiva salad, Photo by Tess Wei


Hummus available as a side or in a salad, Photo by Tess Wei

So, if finals-blues have left you feeling antsy and hungry, take a quick train ride, grab the shuttle, or find that golden friend with a car on campus and head to Media. Go to House, rejoice in affordable, delicious noms, and leave feeling fueled for the homestretch of the school year.


The interior of House, Photo by Tess Wei


Location: 110 S Jackson St, Media, PA 19063
Hours of Operation: 11:00am-3:00pm & 5:30pm – 9:00pm.