If there were such thing as a foodie Disneyland, it would be Buford Highway. This 8-mile stretch of road through Doraville is a cultural wonderland that features cuisines from Korean to Cuban to Malaysian and more. 

Conquering the majesty that is Buford Highway is no easy task. However, consider these 17 dishes a global food map to get you started. 

1.  Bibimbap at Woo Nam Jeong

If you're a newbie to Korean food, Woo Nam Jeong is a fantastic place to start. Warm rice, seasoned veggies, and thin slices of beef are topped with a sunny side up egg and are all served in a steaming hot stone bowl. It's the perfect dish to warm your heart on a cold winter's day. 

2. Falafel Wrap at the Halal Guys 

What started as humble beginnings as a single hot dog cart on 53rd Avenue in New York City shifted into something more when the Halal guys began serving Halal chicken and rice plates, became wildly popular, and expanded nationwide. Their Falafel wrap is a warm pita filled with light, crispy chickpea fritters and topped with a cool and creamy tzaziki sauce. 

#SpoonTip: The first time you try the notoriously spicy red sauce, consider getting it on the side. Getting the slightest bit too much is an excruciatingly painful experience you won't want to repeat again. 

3. Cotton Candy Topped Bubble tea- Vivi Bubble Tea

Whether you're chasing a sugar high or Instagram likes, Vivi bubble tea has got you covered. The tea is sweet and the walls are millennial pink. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. 

4. Any taco- El Taco Veloz

If you've been here already, you may have seen it on Anthony Bourdain's show, the Layover.  If you haven't, stop what you're doing, hop in your car, and go there right now; they're open till 3 a.m. 

The lengua (beef tongue) tacos are wildly popular. As a vegetarian, I'm partial to the Chile Relleno tacos. Deep fried chiles stuffed with cheese and wrapped in more carbs? It's as close to heaven as one can get. 

5. Soup Dumpings- Northern China Eatery

Anthony Bourdain stopped by Northern China Eatery on the Layover as well. If you can find the restaurant tucked away in a strip mall, you'll be rewarded with light, fluffy dumplings filled with piping hot soup. 

6. Shaag Ponir- Panahar Bangladeshi Cuisine

You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't try a little bit of everything at Panahar. However, if you have to pick just one, go for the Shaag Ponir; it's spiced, creamy spinach dotted with cubes of warm cheese. 

7. More Tacos- El Rey Del Taco

Carnivores can choose from options like tripa, barbacoa, or cabeza. Herbivores, peep the mushroom tacos. Either way, wash it down with a reasonably priced beer or two. 

#SpoonTip: Go for the handmade tortillas; they're only 25 cents more. 

8. ZaiCai Pan Mee- Food Terminal

From the creators of another incredibly popular Buford Highway eatery, Sweet Hut, Food Terminal serves up Asian street food with a heavy Malaysian influence.  The ZaiCai Pan Mee is a carb-laden powerhouse: flat flour noodles tossed with a spicy chili sauce and fresh veggies.   

9. Empanadas- Havana Sandwich Shop

Havana Sandwich shop is an Atlanta institution of over 40 years. While their most popular item is the Cuban sandwich, I urge you to sample the fried empanadas filled with gooey cheese, mushrooms, chicken or picadillo. 

10. Durian Pizza Cone- MIST Poke. snack. dessert. bar

While the goal according to their website is to serve "hipster healthy food and drinks," the standout is one of their less healthy creations: the Durian Pizza cone. The cone, filled with durian, pineapple, corn, and cheese is a bizarre experiment gone terribly, terribly right. 

11. Red Bean Takiyaki- White Windmill Bakery & Cafe

Takiyaki is a sweet, fish shaped treat originally from Japan.  The sweet red bean filling perfectly accompanies one of White Windmill's handcrafted cafe beverages like a Cappuccino or Green Tea Latte. 

12. Vietnamese Crepe- Nam Phuong

Nam Phuong serves up incredible and authentic Vietnamese food.  The pho here is extremely popular. Lesser known but still delicious is the crispy rice flour crepes, complemented by a side of fresh veggies. 

13. Sesame "Chicken"- Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant

Many restaurants serve inventive vegetarian food on Buford highway; however, few venture into the world of faux meat. Harmony Vegetarian not only tries, but excels at serving meat substitutes. Bring home some takeout for your omnivore friends and see if they can tell the difference. 

14. Egg Tart- Sweet Hut

Sweet Hut is becoming a local culinary empire with 5 locations throughout the metro Atlanta area. Though I try to get something different each time I come in order to try one of everything on their expansive pastry menu, I can't leave without snagging one of their flaky and sweet egg tarts. 

15. Tofu Soup- So Kong Dong Tofu House

So Kong Dong's menu features a range of Korean dishes, however, their soft tofu is their crown jewel. Order the tofu soup, but watch your tongue! The soup comes out so hot you can crack an egg in it and cook it.  

16. All the Sushi- Sushi Hayakawa

Art Hayakawa began his training to be a sushi chef at the ripe old age of 15 in Sapporo, Japan. His menu passes on the usual suspects in American sushi like California Rolls and instead focuses on seasonal fare. The fish is flown in from Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. 

If you want to sample his artistry, you'll have to plan in advance; the restaurant is reservation only due to its popularity. 

17. Tofu Banh Mi- Lee's Bakery

Natalie Gambrell

Lee's bakery is one of the most hyped restaurants on Buford Highway, and for good reason. Their Tofu Banh Mi is filled with warm tofu, pickled veggies and mayo and is served up on light and fluffy french bread. As an added bonus, you can easily get in and out for under $10- and that's including a bag of baked-in-house french bread for the road. 

The allure of Buford Highway is the feeling that you're always just scratching the surface; there's always an equally tempting restaurant tucked away at the other side of the strip mall for next time.

 Buford Highway's restaurant scene has a vastness that it feels like one cannot conquer.  However, if you're lucky enough to live in Atlanta, I certainly urge you to try.