We get it — college is hard, you’re busy, and life is rough. There are days you can barely get out of bed, let alone bike out to University Avenue to get something to eat. Let’s be honest, sometimes we want a little bit more variety than the ever-present kale and quinoa at the dining halls.

So we compiled a list of the most popular places to do takeout around Stanford. Staying in your bed AND eating delicious food? Sounds like heaven to me.

1. Chipotle

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that Chipotle is the most popular take-out place at Stanford. The Stern dining hall burritos just can’t compare to, as one Stanford student says, “the orgasmically satisfying experiences” of Chipotle. #SpoonTip: Ask for a bowl and get a tortilla underneath — you’ll get much more food to fit in the bowl than the wrap.

2. Coupa Cafe

With their delicious coffees, waffles, crepes, chai tea lattes, and smoothies (Coupa Smoothie anyone?), obviously Coupa is a campus favorite.

#SpoonTip: Check out some #secretmenu tricks here — the Coupa Bowl is a must.

3. Crepevine

Crepes can be eaten for every meal — breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, linner, snacks, whatever you please. Do yourself a favor and order the Tuscany Crepe from Crepevine: the scrumptious combination of chicken, mushrooms, almonds, pesto, and provolone and feta cheeses will literally rock your world.

4. Asian Box

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Asian Box is the perfect combination of light and tasty, making it the perfect lunch on the go. A meal usually comes with a Chipotle-esque choosing of a grain, a meat, toppings, and a dressing. Campus favorites include the Miss Jones Box: a box with lemongrass pork, chilled noodles, veggies, and a caramel egg. #SpoonTip: Add jalapeño to everything and order the Lemon Lime Marmalade. *stomach grumbles*

5. Thaiphoon

pad see yum

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Thaiphoon is the perfect place for a college kid takeout: efficient, cheap, and what’s better than Thai food? Pad see ew with pork and the perfectly seasoned shaken beef are popular amongst Trees.

6. California Pizza Kitchen

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CPK is probably the best place to go if you want a quick takeout and delivery. Conveniently located in the Stanford Shopping Mall, it’s probably your best bet for a tasty delicious pizza or pasta. For all those with Celiac Disease, CPK now also offers a gluten free crust — rejoice!

7. Cream

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CREAM is a Stanford classic; any event on campus with free CREAM immediately draws a huge crowd. With warm freshly baked cookies and creamy ice cream ranging in flavors like banana fudge walnut, salted caramel, and strawberry cheesecake, it’s no wonder there is constantly a line at CREAM. Why wait in line when you can eat a red velvet cookie and rocky road ice cream sandwich in your bed? #lawyered

8. Pizz’a Chicago

A pizza from Pizz’a Chicago is definitely a treat-yo-self kind of a pizza. You can expect a treat: oozing cheese, bubbling tomato sauce, and a crispy crust to boot. For the best experience, get the Untouchables Pizza with BBQ sauce, chicken, Gouda cheese, and cilantro — you won’t regret it.

9. New York Pizza

We thought maybe just a slice of pizza was not enough, so we ordered 2 slices each.. We were wrong!

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Late night munchies? Staying up late to study? New York Pizza will keep you up and keep your stomach full. With cheap, large pizzas and tons of different toppings, I’m pretty sure you can order a different type of pizza every day for a month.

10. T4

Boba, boba, boba. Stanford LOVES boba. There is something weirdly satisfying about chewy tapioca balls and refreshingly sweet teas. This Spoon reporter loves the peach tea with extra boba. I’ve also heard that the lychee tea is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Boba straight to my dorm room? Best. News. Ever. 

11. Sprinkles

First cupcake bakery ever + less than a mile away = delicious cupcakes whenever you want. Seriously, think about it: cinnamon sugar Sprinkles cupcake with the crispy cupcake top and moist cupcake bottom delivered right outside of Mudd hall before a chemistry class. Makes the most difficult of classes seem just a little bit sweeter.

12. The Counter

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Hands down the best burger place around. Better yet, its customizable — you can build burgers to your heart’s content, adding just what you want and eat it for lunch or dinner. Rumor has it that onion strings and sweet potato fries rival that of CoHo and TAP.

13. Sprout Cafe

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Probably one of the healthiest options on the list, Sprout Cafe is my personal favorite for takeout. The salads are just big enough that you can eat half for dinner and save the rest for tomorrow’s lunch. Customizable, just like the Counter, I can take off things I don’t like (aka celery) and add things I love (hello avocados) to Sprout’s already delicious signature salads.

14. Terun Pizza

San Daniele Pizza drizzled with truffle oil!!!

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Pizza is clearly very very popular around Stanford. Another treat-yo-self kind of a pizzeria, Terun has the most delicious creamy burrata on the top of its pizzas. Although pizza is their specialty, their grilled romaine salad is not to be scoffed at; it has a tangy vinaigrette that perfectly compliments the slightly burnt lettuce. Your next picnic date idea set? Yeah, you’re welcome.

15. Siam Orchid

Lobster tail pad thai ?

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Four words: lobster tail pad thai. How good does that sound on a cold (well chilly) day, wrapped up in your blanket while you #netflixandchill? For some weird reason, Thai food is comforting for those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed.

16. NOLA

A lot of people may think going to NOLA is about the environment. And although yes, sipping on giant bowls of cocktails with your friends, dozens of mardi-gras-esque necklaces slung around your neck, is half the charm, the food is just as good, if not better. You can try to replicate the environment in the comfort of your own dorm room, with the world’s most delicious skirt steak by your side.

17. Kara’s Cupcakes

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Kara’s Cupcakes has the smallest, the cutest, the tastiest cupcakes around. The s’mores cupcake with the slightly toasted marshmallow and rich dark chocolate is the best way to make anyone’s day. Roommate feeling down after last midterm? Order her a Kara’s Cupcake – things always look better with a different perspective (aka cupcake in hand).

There you have it, Trees. The best ways to eat out at Stanford, all at the comfort of your own twin XL mattress topper.