Broke and hungry? I always want to go out and try all of the delicious restaurants off campus, but being a college student sort of limits my fancy dinners to a trip to the dining hall instead of a granola bar in my room. Finally, after much exploration, I have found 17 places to eat when you are broke as shit. 

1. The Picnic Basket

Run by the same people who own the Penny Ice Creamery, this delicious spot serves outrageously good salads and sandwiches with ingredients that are all found locally! Try the mac and cheese or the soup and salad for $6.00. With tons of different types of sandwiches, cheap prices, and its proximity to the beach, you know it's gotta be good.

2. US Meal

This burger joint located on East Cliff will give you everything you could ever want for just $5.95. Come in at lunchtime and get the "Lunchbox" which includes any type of burger, fries or mac salad, and a bottle of water. Big portions for a small price!

3. Taqueria Los Pericos

Coming from San Diego, I know good Mexican food, and Los Pericos is the best there is. Amazing tortillas, a ton of different salsas, and free chips too!  I am a bean and cheese burrito kind of girl, but the veggie burrito here comes with sour cream, guac, and lettuce for only $6.00. Ask anyone in Santa Cruz, this is the place to go when you are craving a burrito, and you're broke as shit.

4. Zoccoli's Delicatessen

From the chicken artichoke to the eggplant parmesan, or the Reuben and beef dip, there's a sandwich for everyone here. It's huge menu that has everything under $8, but don't forget your giant pickle.

5. Aloha Island Grille

Fresh delicious Hawaiian food with an atmosphere that feels like you are vacationing on the beach in Honolulu. Start your meal off with a cone sushi for $2 and then try the ahi poke with macadamia nuts.

6.Cafe Delmartte

Who doesn't love a good latte with some amazing latte art? The lattes here are AMAZING with so many different options for syrups. They have a different quiche every single day and try the breakfast bowls for only $5.25 that you can customize and make your own. Pair your latte with one of their delicious scones, and if you aren't a coffee fanatic, their hot chocolate is out of this world!

7. Jack's Hamburgers

A small, hole in the wall place with the juiciest burgers ever! If you are craving a burger and fries, this is the place to go. From 3-4 pm it's buy one burger get one half off, so bring your other broke friends.

8. The Sandwich Spot

Located right on Pacific, this sandwich place hits the spot. My favorite is The Farmers Market with fresh avocado for $7.00. Try the Dutch Crunch bread and make it a combo for only $2 extra.

9. De La Hacienda Taqueria

I always get the super veggie burrito for $5.45. It is a huge burrito with all of my favorite things in it like sour cream and huge chunks of avocado! My friends always go for the chicken quesadilla and always leave very, very happy. 

10. Windmill Cafe

This cute little cafe has a windmill on the outside and is very family friendly. Tons of vegetarian options and healthy food. The grilled goat cheese and salmon sandwich is a favorite. The Daily Scramble is only $5.00 and includes eggs, veggies, toast, butter, and jam.

11. The Bagelry

I love the Bagelry. The bagels are fresh and the different types of cream cheese are to die for. I always go for an everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato for $3. They also have super fun fancy bagels like the "Moxie" or the "Fandango".

12. In the Breadbox

Gluten free paradise! The pastries and bread always have gluten free options and they are SO GOOD. If you aren't gluten free, try the cornbread muffins with a honey butter swirl. Gluten-free bagels for only $4.00 a piece, and amazing fresh sandwich bread.

13. Rockers Pizza Kitchen

Located right outside the Catalyst, this place is the perfect stop before or after a concert. It is a walk up window with classic, simple pizza. Tuesday's there are $1 cheese slices! Perfect for every broke college student.

14. Chill out Cafe

This place has killer burritos with and acai bowls that are huge! Tons of breakfast burrito options with delicious tortillas, like the three bacon and Avocado burrito for $7.30, with hash browns,  and fresh coffee, What more could you ask for? Bring cash because it's cash only!

15. Planet Fresh Gourmet Burritos

Planet Fresh is the other go-to stop for burrito lovers. This burrito stop has a massive salsa bar that fulfills all of your salsa needs. These super customizable burritos are huge, but on the healthier side. You can opt for spinach, tomato, chipotle, or wheat tortillas too! Try the veggie burritos for under $5, or their chicken quesadilla for $5.20.

16. Midtown Cafe

This small cafe has tons of places to sit and a great atmosphere to sit and do work your work in. Great lattes and coffee. The egg over polenta is a must have. Some house favorites are the french toast bread pudding, and you have to try the chimichurri sauce!

17. Sushi Market Sprouts

Never go out for sushi because you're a little too low on cash? This is not a restaurant, but a market that packs up fresh sushi for pickup. Grab a sushi roll and head to Seabright beach. There is a huge selection of fresh, reasonably priced sushi. Get your sushi fix with a California roll for $4.75, and other rolls that range from $6-$8 dollars.