After spending six weeks abroad in Madrid, the one thing that I miss most is the food. The famous tortilla, ham, croquettes, and paella are only a few of the things I never got tired of eating, and now I crave them every day. 

Millions of restaurants serve Spanish food, but there are also amazing restaurants that serve international cuisine that you can try just in case you start missing food from home.

During my six weeks, I tried tons of restaurants with a different atmosphere, food, and vibes, so I came up with a must-go restaurant guide with all with my favorites. 

1. San Guines

Churros with chocolate? Yes, please. If you have heard about Madrid, you probably have heard about the famous Chocolateria San Gines. 

San Gines is known for having Madrid's most delicious and famous churros, just a 4-minute walk from the city center Puerta del Sol.

You can eat them at all times since it's open 24 hours. Churros are always a good idea at any time of the day! 

2. La Casa del Abuelo

This one might be a little bit out of your college student budget, but it is 100% worth it. In my opinion, La Casa del Abuelo has the best tapas and one of the most delicious paellas I ate during my time in Madrid. 

If you end up going, don't hesitate on ordering gambas al ajillo, croquettes, and paella with wine. I promise you are going to have a blast eating here! 

3. Mercado de San Miguel

The market is the perfect place to go if your friends and family can't decide on what to eat since it has plenty of stands with a variety of different Spanish food and drinks. 

Still thinking about paella? If you want to try one of the best, stop by Paella y Ole inside the market. 

4. Goiko Grill

If you want to try the best burgers in the world, you need to visit Goiko Grill (yes, the best burgers in the world are in Spain). Once you try them, you are never going to stop going and craving them. My personal favorite is the vegan chipotle burger with fries and Madrid's famous beer, Mahou. 

#SpoonTip: before going, make reservations because every day at every time is packed since they are so delicious. 

5. Circulo de Bellas Artes

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Amy Dong

Looking for a rooftop to have some drinks? Say no more. The rooftop in the seventh floor of the Circulo de Bellas Artes has the best view of the Madrid with the best wine and tinto de verano (my go-to drink).

6. La Tita Rivera

If you are looking for some tapas in the neighborhood of Chueca, head over to La Tita for some delicious patatas bravas, crispy shrimp, and nachos! 

Aside from having fantastic tapas, they also serve their crafted cider and beer. 

7. 100 Montaditos

Hands down this will be your cheapest and one of the most delicious meals you will have in Madrid. 100 Montaditos is a chain of mini sandwiches, or, what they call them in Spain, montaditos, with 100 different selections on their menu. 

Aside from montaditos, you can also order popcorn chicken, fries, croquettes, beer, drinks and again, my favorite, tinto de verano.  

8. Mad Waffle

Looking for some madness? Mad Waffle is your go-to place for some delicious ice cream on a waffle cone. Don't go with your tummy full because this deliciousness is enough to keep you satisfied for a few hours.

Don't dare leave Madrid without trying this craziness of ice cream! 

9. Takos al Pastor

1 euro per tacos? Ummm, yes please! If you are craving Mexican food, Takos al Pastor is a must. With their delicious 1 euro tacos and frozen margaritas, you will be delighted. I recommend trying the Tinga de Pollo, Cohinita Pibil, and of course don't forget about their fruity Margaritas!

10. Lolina Vintage Café

Ready to travel back in time to the '60s? If you want to try an entirely different vibe for a café, visit Lolina Vintage Café. With a '60s themed café, Lolina serves breakfast, brunch, and has a variety of cocktails that you can try at any time of the day. 

Lolina is located at the beautiful and colorful neighborhood of Malasaña, which is full of bars and restaurants. So, after having coffee or a cocktail, you can walk around and try other places nearby. 

11. Papizza

Papizza is your place to go after a night out in Madrid. It's located almost everywhere around the city, and it's open 24 hours. This delicious pizza will save your life and cure your cravings after partying in the city. 

Don't go home without first making a stop in Papizza and eating amazing pizza. 

12. Cosmopolitan Enjoy

No, this is not Carrie Bradshaw's favorite drink, but it is a fantastic tapas place in the neighborhood of Moncloa. With a dinner-vibe restaurant, Cosmopolitan's menu has a variety of international food from around the world. You can choose from eating chicken fingers, nachos, or huevos rotos (a very different and delicious Spaniard dish pictured above). 

13. Sushita Café

Craving sushi? How about visiting Sushita Café? With an exquisite menu, you can order a variety of sushi or other Japanese dishes. 

In my opinion, Sushita is the perfect place to go for lunch and enjoy a lovely afternoon killing your cravings while drinking Mahou. 

14. Riaño

Thought I forgot about mentioning where to get tortilla? You are wrong; I'm just saving the best for the last. Riaño has, in my opinion, one of the best pintxos with a tortilla. You can either order it on a piece of bread— which I think is more delicious— or just order a full tortilla. 

Don't forget to order it with Mahou, wine, or tinto de verano! 

15. Toma Café

Best known around Madrid, Toma Café is a must if you want to have a café con leche (coffee with milk), and enjoy a quiet and relaxing time while doing work or just chilling in the afternoon.

Asides from selling coffee and food, Toma Café also has their props like tote bags, stickers, and other promo that you can buy at the café.