There are plenty of restaurants worth trying in Atlanta, but unfortunately, our parents aren’t always around to foot the bill. So, for all the broke college students out there, I scoured the internet to find the best Atlanta restaurants whose food is cheap only in price.

With this guide, both visitors and natives can enjoy all the glories of the budding Atlanta food scene while still keeping the total bill under $10.

1. Home Grown

True to its name, Home Grown provides fresh, locally produced southern fare. Their short menu changes daily based on availability, but the quality of the food remains consistent. The quaint atmosphere will even provide you a taste of proper, southern hospitality.

2. Nick’s Food To Go


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This family-run Greek joint may be take-out only (although there is a limited amount of outdoor seating), but the food travels amazingly well. Plus, there is no better place to enjoy their comforting Greek dishes than in the comfort of your own home (or dorm/apartment).

3. O4W Pizza

Atlanta has popped out a number of popular pizza places over the last few years, but of these options, O4W Pizza offers the highest quality for the best buck (plus, there are few other places in Atlanta to get New Jersey and Sicilian style pizza).

4. Julianna’s

Crepes aren’t just for breakfast any more at Julianna’s, where they offer a variety of both sweet and savory crepes. The best part is that with their super low prices, you can get one of each style of crepe and still spend less than $10.

5. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit


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Although Callie’s Biscuits gained fame in Charleston, owner Carrie Morey recently decided to expand to Atlanta, where she and her daughters were working the counter when I visited. Callie’s even sells their sweet and savory biscuits between 10 pm and 1 am for the late night crowd (or just people who get the midnight munchies).

6. Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand


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After spending 15 years perfecting her chicken sausage recipe, Delia Champion, founder of The Flying Biscuit, decided to dedicate herself to her speciality. And while chicken sausage may be the star of the show at this stand, the red velvet milkshake (made with an entire red velvet cupcake) is definitely worth a try, too.

7. Arepa Mia


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Although most people come for arepas (a naturally gluten-free sandwich made with corn flour), Arepa Mia serves a wide variety of authentic Venezuelan dishes, including empanadas and cachapas.

And if you’re wondering what any of these words mean, then just check out their online menu which provides a short glossary of terms so that you know exactly what you’re wording.

8. Toscano & Sons


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Their freshly made paninis are well under $10, but their shelves full of speciality Italian goods may entice customers to spend a little bit more.

9. Taqueria Del Sol


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Their menu (which consists almost entirely of tacos and enchiladas) may be simple, but they have each item down to a tee. The only complaint people seem to have is that the line at Taqueria Del Sol is too long because they are so damn popular.

10. Ann’s Snack Bar


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Although Ann has unfortunately passed away, this joint keeps on selling plenty of her world famous Ghetto Burgers, a two-patty cheeseburger topped with chili and decked out with bacon.

Just be sure to follow the list of rules posted on the counter. Beyond the simple no shirt, no shoes, no service, these rules also include “no sitting or standing babies on the counter,” “no laying or leaning on the counter,” and “no cursing in the snack bar.”

11. The Earl


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Come for the rockin’ food, stay for the rockin’ music. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Honestly, both the burgers and the bands make The Earl worth the visit.

12. Gusto Wood Fire Grill

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, Gusto Wood Fire Grill is the place to go. Their build-your-own rice and salad bowls are fast, fresh, flavorful, and budget friendly (I personally recommend the sweet soy Sriracha sauce.

13. Victory Sandwich Bar


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Their sandwiches are small in size but big in flavor, and each one is a truly unique experience. Best of all, at only $4 to $5 per sandwich, you can still sample two at under $10 (and don’t forget about their killer cheddar-garlic popcorn).

14. We Suki Suki


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Buford Highway is GA’s go to place for a variety of Asian cuisines, but We Suki Suki has brought quality Vietnamese bubble tea and banh mi to downtown Atlanta. Although slightly more expensive than its Buford Highway counterparts, at We Suki Suki you can still get two sandwiches for under $10.

15. Doggy Dogg


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These aren’t the hot dogs you get at a ball park. Doggy Dog, which began as a popular food cart, only uses local, preservative-free ingredients (they even offer a gluten-free bun). The fact that their to-go window remains open until 2 am is an added bonus.