Fort Lauderdale is happenin' all the time with great food and drinks. You can't really go wrong in the Fort Lauderdale area, but here's a solid list that you must go to for the ultimate experience.

1. Louie Bossi's Ristorante

Louie Bossi's is in Las Olas and makes their bread, pasta, gelato, cookies, and pastries in house daily. They bake homemade pizzas in an oven imported from Italy and have prosciutto and salami made in house with various Italian cheeses on the menu.

2. Tap 42

Whether you're going for the $5 Prohibition burger on Mondays or brunch on Sundays, you'll kill it at Fort Lauderdale's Tap 42. They have a great selection of beer to pair with burgers and have bottomless mimosas for brunch, need I say more?

3. Tucker Duke's Lunchbox

Tucker Duke's started out as a food truck, and has a location in Deerfield Beach and Boca. They used to be in Tallahassee but closed it three years ago and I'm still butt-hurt to this day— everything is not fine. Lucky for me though, I eat at the Deerfield location when I visit. This gastropub has a southern twist to it and has a burger with onion rings on it.

4. New York Grilled Cheese

First off, anything with "New York" in it is going to be fire, and if you don't love a grilled cheese sandwich then who r u? NY Grilled Cheese in Wilton Manors does it on a whole new level. They use a waffle press and have a variety of unique sandwiches to choose from. Dip your grilled cheese in the homemade tomato bisque and you'll be set.

5. Funky Buddha

Located in Oakland Park, Funky Buddha was founded seven years ago and the whole state of Florida has been changed forever basically. Funky Buddha is rockin' it because they make their infamous Maple Bacon Coffee Porter— the best beer in the universe. I kind of shed a tear when I tried it because it was that good, and yes you taste all three flavors: maple, bacon, and coffee. For those in doubt, just try it and soon you'll be as sad as I am that it's only released once a year.

6. Rok:Brgr

In Downtown Ft. Laudy at Rok:Brgr, ladies get bottomless mimosas for $5 on brunch days and for guys it's $15, so sorry lol. Who cares if you have work the next day, everyone's gotta have a little bit of brunch in their lives.

7. Big City Tavern

If you're noticing the pattern, Fort Lauderdale loves to brunch. Try Big City's grilled cheese with a sunny side egg on top, and drink bottomless mimosas or Bloody Mary's. Split a fresh Margherita pizza with your friends as an appetizer, mainly so you can drink more mimosas if I'm being real.

8. Rocco's Tacos

If you're looking for a place with margaritas that are the size of your face and fresh guacamole made at the table, then Rocco's Tacos in Downtown FTL is the place for you. It's also decorated beautifully inside, making you feel fancy and important as you down your third margarita.

9. Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour

In Dania Beach is the one and only Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour, scoopin' since 1956. This is a must if you're visiting the Fort Lauderdale area. Go with a big group and order the kitchen sink, it's totally insane and worth it.

10. Riverside Market

Riverside Market is a sweet spot in Fort Lauderdale with comfy couches to chill and drink a nice cold beer. It's earned the name "Fort Lauderdale's Official Craft Beer Hangout" so let's go hang and drink some craft beer, pls and thx.

11. Greek Islands Taverna

If you're looking for authentic Greek food, Greek Islands Taverna is the place to go. Eat their homemade hummus with fresh pita bread and grape leaves as an appetizer. I'm able to taste the fresh spices and herbs in every bite of my dinner when I eat there and I love every second of it.

12. The Alchemist

The Alchemist is surrounded by a garden, making it a chill spot that looks like a place in a fairy tale movie. My personal favorite is their iced coffee: 24-hour cold brew, brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and whole milk. The best part? Coffee ice cubes, duh. Pair it with a gourmet open-faced sandwich that's made with healthy ingredients.

13. The Field Irish Pub & Eatery

Get a taste of Ireland at The Field in Fort Lauderdale, with live bands playing Irish music some nights. They have what you're looking for: Fish 'n Chips, Bangers and Mash, Shepherd's Pie, etc. Everyone should visit Ireland one day, but for now, we can enjoy a Guinness and Irish classics here.

14. Taverna Opa

Again, if you're a lover of Greek food, go to Taverna Opa in Hollywood and eat huge platters of food, dance on tables and learn the basics of belly dancing. This place is fun and vibrant, and a great spot to go with a big group. Also, just do your first date here and show your appetite and bad dancing right off the bat to get it over with; don't worry, they'll probably think you're funny.

15. LauderAle Brewery

LauderAle is located by the port in Fort Lauderdale and is the first and only nano brewery in Southeast Florida. They have food truck nights and craft beers ranging from Blondes to Imperial Stouts.

These are fifteen of the coolest places in the Ft. Laudy area, so don't miss out on craft beer, gourmet burgers, bottomless mimosas, old-fashioned ice cream, etc. Fort Lauderdale is a big city that makes it easy to ball out with your food and drink adventures.