Whether you eat a plant-based diet (vegan or vegetarian) or don’t, everyone is able to appreciate the indulgent satisfaction from desserts.

Vegan foods do NOT contain meat, eggs, dairy or any other animal products, so you might think that there isn’t much to eat as a vegan. However, if you are thinking that way, you are in for a surprise. Seattle is known to be one of the best foodie spots in the NW, and the vegan trend here is growing fast. That’s why I want to share with you some of the BEST desserts you can get around here. Read on for more.

1. Cinnamon Roll from Cinnamon Works


Photo courtesy of @arceliarc on Instagram

For less than $5, you can get yourself a mouthwatering cinnamon roll bigger than your face. Cinnamon Works is not only known for their MONSTER portions but also their gluten-free and vegan options, ranging from chunky chocolate chip cookies to ooey gooey pecan pull aparts.

2. Cake Donuts from MIGHTY-O


Photo courtesy of @garrickyuen on Instagram

Mighty-O has grown to be a fan favorite throughout Seattle. Not only are their cake doughnuts like the Nutty French toast and the Rasberry Riot delicious, they are all non-GMO and organic. What a plus!

3. Cookie Pizza from Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria


Photo courtesy of @portlandveg on Instagram

Some people may wonder what could be better than a chocolate chip cookie. A chocolate chip cookie pizza, of course. This pizza is loaded with chocolate and has a great buttery-flavored crust that. I would beg for a slice of this right now and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4. Carrot Cake from Veggie Grill


Photo courtesy of @veggiegrill on Instagram

If you’re not a huge fan of chocolate, this carrot cake will give you a run for your money. The creamy and slightly tart “cream cheese” frosting is what makes this cake shine.

5. Cardamom Whoopie Pie from Flying Apron


Photo courtesy of @tehelfda on Instagram

Tired of the average whoopie pie? Try this vegan cardamom chocolate buttercream-filled whoopie pie at Flying Apron, which is known for having all vegan and gluten-free treats. Spiced with a nice touch and a rich chocolate center, can I get a whoop whoop for that?

6. Chai Pie Bites from Jodee’s Desserts


Photo courtesy of Amy W. on Yelp.com

Taking a bite of this creamy and tangy lime pie will send you right to heaven. With its sweet coconut crust, it’s sure to sweeten up your day.

7. Spiced Chocolate Tart from Plum Bistro


Photo courtesy of @plumbistro on Instagram

This chocolate tart is covered with caramelized bananas and maca caramel sauce that is so good it is sure to make you fall in love and come back for it every day of the week. Plum Bistro is known for keeping it real and gourmet, so although it may be on the pricier side of things, it is definitely worth it as a lifetime experience. If you are into gourmet and fancy things, this is a must.

8. Lemon Poppyseed Cupcake from Chaco Canyon Cafe


Photo courtesy of @chacocanyonorganiccafe on Instagram

Chaco Canyon has great desserts, but their muffins and cupcakes have the perfect ratio of cupcake to frosting and are pretty much irresistible. This lemon poppyseed cupcake is just one of the many delectable cupcakes available, and it is definitely a great way to brighten anyone’s day.

9. Seasonal Ice Cream Bowls from Sugar Plum


Photo courtesy of Mandy S. on Yelp.com

Of course, we cannot forget about ice cream, which people in the NW eat year round (whether it’s hot or cold outside). Sugar Plum Bakery has brownies and cookies of all sorts as well as these amazing seasonal ice cream bowls, including orange ginger and caramel pear during the spring. You can also individualize your own bowl, get soft serve, or grab a scoop of ice cream on a sugar cone (GF and non-GF available).

10. Ice Cream Sandwiches from Seattle Cookie Counter


Photo courtesy of @seattlecookiecounter on Instagram

There is nothing that says comfort food better than cookies and ice cream put together. The Seattle Cookie Counter truck does this invention justice with its creative and wacky flavors, some of which are Pistachio Marshmallow Pineapple, Cinnamon Toast Cereal, Honey Almond Fig, and Matcha Vanilla Bean.

11. Beignets from Cafe Flora


Photo courtesy of @mofonts7 on Instagram

Beignets (French donuts) are fried choux pastry with a crispy, chewy outer shell and a soft pillowy inside, dusted with powder sugar and served with dipping sauces. They are commonly found in the southern part of the US, so it’s a rarity to find these in the NW. These veganized versions are NO joke, so if you’re looking for something unique to try, I give two big thumbs up to these.

12. Tiramisu Magic Cheesecake from Thrive


Photo courtesy of Thrive on yelp.com

This tiramisu cheesecake is for those who enjoy richer flavors of espresso and chocolate. It is made out of cashews and coconut oil with a gluten-free nut-based crust. Grab a hearty mouthful of this when you’re watching those late night movies and you’re sure to ooze with satisfaction.

13. Chocolate Cream Pie from Wayward Vegan Cafe


Photo courtesy of @WaywardVeganCafe on Instagram

Anybody who is alive will raise their hands for this pie. Just kidding. But seriously, this chocolate cream pie will leave you in a daze of dreaming for more. Rather than just asking for a slice of the pie, I assure you that you will be asking for the ENTIRE pie. Just look at the drool-worthy whipped cream and buttery pie crust.

14. Mango Sticky Rice from Araya’s Place


Photo courtesy of @anisaeats on Instagram

If you want something simple yet delicious, this mango and sticky rice is just for you. The sticky rice is just sweetened with coconut milk and served with mango, which is sure to be delicious.

#SpoonTip: Mango is one of the most popular fruits in America, but some people may not know how to cut mangos. We’re here to help.


Photo courtesy of @southernbeets on Instagram

The last on this list is one dessert that makes you feel good inside and out. Acai bowls are like smoothie bowls made from small acai berries, and they are generally topped with granola, fruit, and other toppings. Not only do they taste amazing, but they have many health benefits (like tons of antioxidants) and are simple to make and find.