Florida might not be the first state that comes to mind when you think vegan, but Miami is becoming a trendy vegan paradise. When I spent my first spring break in Miami, I was on a mission to find the best places to satisfy my vegan cravings. I'm not a vegan myself, but I love experimenting with food, plus a lot of my friends are vegan and we figured there was no better way to explore during the spring break than to find good eats.

This list includes only some of the poppin' vegan restaurants in Miami Beach. I gathered some of the most common places, some I've visited myself, and some were recommended by frequent Miami visitors. Let's go on this vegan crawl together!

1. Eden In Eden

This French-inspired restaurant is located just outside Miami Beach. Eden in Eden is known for its organic and natural products, and their menu is full of vegetarian and vegan options. One of their staple menu items are vegan crepes. You can customize any order to accommodate any dietary needs. Their dessert selection is from another world, with vegan Creme Brûlée and Carob Cake the stars of the show. 


Despite its name, DIRT offers clean eating and great taste on one plate. Their farm-to-counter policy is what attracts vegans all over Florida and makes it one of the best vegan restaurants in Miami Beach. The majority of their menu is vegan, but they also offer vegetarian and paleo options. Their vegan wraps are the top rated item and are a perfect substitute for regular vegan burritos. 

3. Manna Life Food

Their life bowls, baked treats, hot soups, nori wraps, and nut mylks are insane. Aside from a few dishes containing raw honey, the entire menu is vegan and gluten-free. Every item is extremely colorful and aesthetically pleasing, so it's not just a great spot to expand your vegan food knowledge, but also a great place for fancy Instagram posts. 

4. Full Bloom

Full Bloom is where French, Italian, Mexican, and Latin cuisine meet to create a concept that aligns with Miami's international environment. The founders of the restaurant are vegan themselves, but they wanted to create a space that will be inviting for vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegans. And the best part is that all of their wines are vegan!

5. Della

You should visit Wynwood not only for its graffiti walls, but also for one of the best bowl places in Florida. Della is heaven for any vegan who's obsessed with customizing their food. I'm obsessed with the anything-in-a-bowl concept, which is why Della is perfect for anyone like me who gets excited over little things. 

6. Apple-a-day

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well, every item on Apple-a-day's menu is guaranteed to keep you healthy. This hidden spot in the heart of Miami Beach first gained its popularity thanks to the Rio Açaí Bowl, which were everywhere for the past year. Their extensive menu offers vegan pizza as well as veggie burgers and wraps. While you wait for your food, you should definitely try some of their green juices.

7. Plant Theory Botanical Burger Cafe

Plant Theory restaurants choose 100% vegan and local ingredients because they believe that food is our pharmacy. They practice compassion for all sentient beings, they want to take care of Mother Earth, and they do because THEY CAN. This restaurant takes beloved fast food and turns it into a healthier alternative. One of their top sellers is raw lasagna (oh, did I mention that most of their food is raw?). If you're open to trying new foods, Planet Theory is the lunch spot for you. 

8. Plnthouse

This is my personal favorite vegan restaurant in Miami Beach because it has the best aesthetic, in my humble opinion. If you're looking for that perfect beach Instagram photo, then Plnthouse is definitely for you. They have one of the biggest selections of fancy vegan food, but they also have the perfect ocean view. There are plenty of items to choose from, from bowls to wraps to smoothies. The Golden One smoothie is an item to travel for—a creamy blend of mangoes, pineapples, coconut meat, aloe vera, and camu camu make this smoothie its own meal.

9. Carrot Express

Carrot Express offers a lot more than just carrots. Their menu is filled with traditional vegan foods that you might be craving while you're on vacation. Even though this restaurant does not specifically specialize in vegan cuisine, they offer a great selection of vegan salads, wraps, and açaí bowls.

10. Milk Gone Nuts

All of my lactose intolerant friends, listen up! Milk Gone Nuts offers non-dairy ice pops that are almost too pretty to eat. Enjoy their dairy-free milkshakes on your way to the beach. This little cafe inside a gas station uses only nut milk to make their ice cream and milkshakes. It's nuts, I know!

11. GoGo Fresh Food

Whether you love Philly cheesesteak or pan-seared tofu, GoGo Fresh Food can please even the most picky eater. This restaurant offers several vegan items on the menu, but the best part is you can customize any item on the menu. So you can make anything vegan!

12. Juice and Java

Juice and Java offers a vast selection of vegetarian items, but people don't come to this cafe for its lunch menu. J&J has the best breakfast in the area, but vegans beware, they don't claim to be 100% vegan (a lot of items contain honey), but you can always ask for a substitute.

13. GLAM Vegan

GLAM Vegan serves exclusively vegan cuisine. Their name translates to "Green Living Animals Matter." This minimalist restaurant offers everything from jackfruit tacos to avocado miso toast to pear flatbread to farro risotto.

14. Lilikoi Organic Living

Lilikoi means "passionfruit" in Hawaiian and is a restaurant for everyone. They serve vegan food as well as meat-based dishes, which is supplied from organic and humane farms. All main dishes are customizable and made to order, so if you prefer a salmon with your risotto or avocados with ramen-style noodles, Lilikoi can fulfill your needs.

15. Under the Mango Tree

Last, but certainly not least, Under the Mango Tree meets their customers with coziness, healing food options, and readiness to make memories. Smoothies, bowls, made-to-order juices, and spicy kale melts are only some of the items you can get here. Don't expect filling lunch or dinner options, this is a place for lighter fare.

If you're planing on going to Miami Beach for this spring break, make sure to visit some of these vegan restaurants to try something new. It doesn't matter if you're vegan or not, you can always find experiment and explore new tastes. Pack your bags and go on that adventure you've been dreaming of! If you're not able to travel, try these 15 healthy vegan desserts you can make at home.