National Pancake Day is February 27, but let's be honest, no one needs the excuse of a holiday to indulge in the fluffy breakfast goodness. Pancakes are a great base for any meal, pairing well with any side like sausage, bacon, or hash browns. They're good on their own or with novelty toppings. No matter how you eat them, they're always going to be delicious. 

While we sit and wonder why National Pancake Day isn't a federal holiday, here's the best places to get pancakes in Boston. 

1. Alden & Harlow

Alden & Harlow is known for a very diverse menu with tons of unique flavors and combinations. But a little Boston area secret is that this is one of the best spots for brunch in the city. Tucked away and underground in Cambridge, this place has pickled corn pancakes on the menu every Saturday and Sunday. 

2. The Breakfast Club

It's hard to not choose one of the Library Specials at The Breakfast Club, named after the iconic characters from the John Hughes film. But if you're feeling extra hungry or hungover on a weekend morning, this place has the cure. Their gluten-free pancakes also have a great consistency and flavor. 

3. Buttermilk & Bourbon

Chef Jason Santos brought the city of Boston three incredibly different restaurants, all with the same flare. Citrus & Salt, Abby Lane, and Buttermilk & Bourbon all serve up mouthwatering delicacies that make you want to go back the next night. 

Buttermilk & Bourbon pays homage to New Orleans cuisine and their brunch is pretty outrageous. Bananas foster pancakes are offered on Sunday brunch only, and they're good enough to eat every day of the week. 

4. Cafe Luna

Lemon ricotta pancakes aren't the only mouthwatering item on Cafe Luna's menu. A corned beef hash omelet, spicy pulled chicken and black bean home fries, and a grilled pear omelet are just some of the reasons why you and all of your friends need to head to MIT immediately. 

5. Committee

Committee is serving up Mediterranean tapas style food everyday of the week. But come weekends, it's all about the brunch, including these greek yogurt delicacies. They also have a spanakopita grilled cheese on Kalamata olive loaf, served with tomato soup. You're going to want to come hungry. 

6. The Friendly Toast

Not only are these pancakes the size of the plate, they're fluffy and golden. The Friendly Toast has the feel of a classic diner with new and fun culinary twists that you can only find under their roof. 

7. Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant

Lincoln Tavern is all about the brunch, and we're all very thankful. Especially for their pumpkin pancakes, which are served every morning for weekday and weekend brunch. Pop in on a weekend though and you'll also find their fruity pebble pancakes, a nostalgic meal we could all use on a weekend morning. 

Lincoln Tavern also does test brunch every Friday from 10 am - 3 pm. They have rotating menus that they want your feedback on, and they might even make it to the regular weekend brunch menu. 

8. Lulu's Allston

Jessica Citronberg

On a Sunday during football season, Lulu's Allston is packed with Patriots fans in the bar area getting ready for a long day ahead. Lulu's is the perfect spot to enjoy a big stack of pancakes and a mimosa bucket, no matter what your weekend plans require. 

9. Met Back Bay

Met Back Bay's brunch might be most recognizable for their Bloody Mary's stuffed with enough toppings for a full meal, but the rest of their menu is also worth a look. It's hard to skip out on the juicy burgers, decadent sandwiches, and Nutella stuffed french toast, but their classic pancakes are perfect for any morning meal. Especially when smothered in syrup and berries. 

10. Mike's City Diner

If Guy Fieri approves a breakfast joint, you know it's good. He's almost afraid of sunny-side up eggs and always says he's not a big breakfast guy, but Mike's City Diner is more than your average breakfast place. Their pancakes have the perfect consistency and the pop of juicy blueberries makes it one of the best stacks in Boston.

11. Milkweed

Lucky Charms pancakes sounds like something you created in the kitchen while Mom and Dad weren't looking. Newly opened Milkweed in Mission Hill is taking that childhood dream and making it an appropriate breakfast for adults, because why not?

12. The Paramount

Boston cream pancakes are a great way to show your city pride on National Pancake Day. The cream is thick, decadent, and totally worth the calories. That glistening chocolate is a Paramount specialty that's worth the trip to Beacon Hill or South Boston. 

13. Trident

Trident is one of the most unique spots to eat in the whole city, since it's half eatery half bookstore. The homey vibe makes you feel like you're sitting at home, except for the fact that I know I couldn't make an eggs benedict if my life depended on it. 

There's something so perfect about a misshapen pancake that makes the meal all the more delicious, and Trident masters that effect. 

14. @union

Of all the things on @union's menu, your first choice might not be pancakes. With the glossy eggs and home fries that walk by always look tempting. But @union's pancakes soak up maple syrup like it's nobody's business. And their seasonal offerings are always on point. 

15. Zaftig's

Jessica Citronberg

Luckily, Zaftig's serves their varying types of pancakes every minute they're open. The crunch of the granola adds a great texture to the soft pancakes. 

No matter how you celebrate National Pancake Day, Boston has plenty of options to help you out. So grab that knife and fork and dig in.