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Finals week is just around the corner, and soon the only human life you’ll see on the streets is panicked Berkeley students speed-walking to get a seat in Main Stacks. Along with the inevitable 24-hour study sessions, there will be a rise in food delivery. And that’s where Grubhub comes in.

Grubhub is a saving grace for students — it allows us to concentrate without interruption by providing us with the sustenance to keep functioning.

In short, they bring us food. #bless

It doesn’t matter what time it is; Grubhub has a restaurant for every hour of the day. Simply glance at your watch and scroll to find out which restaurant you should be ordering from. (P.S. Stay ‘til the end for a sweet promotion code). 

9 AM: Roxie Deli


Photo courtesy of Roxie Deli

In addition to having only a $2 delivery fee, Roxie Deli has a plethora of options ranging from breakfast burritos to sandwiches to cake. We know we definitely want to try their meatball sandwich. Or falafel sandwich. Or basically everything.

10 AM: Quetzal Taqueria and Antojitos


Photo courtesy of Quetzal Taqueria and Antojitos

More than your classic Salvadoran food, Quetzal Taqueria and Antojitos definitely delivers with their “Super” Nachos, “Super” Burrito, “Super” Prawns Taco… You get the picture. We definitely can expect great things. Be sure to order pupusas, their most popular item.

11 AM: La Méditerranée


Photo by Luna Zhang

Our mouths are watering from just looking at the menu. Plus, they have vegan and gluten-free options! The delicious flavors and delivery convenience keep the customers coming back for more. We were most intrigued by the Phyllo Dough Specialities — anything wrapped in phyllo though is dough-pe in our book.

12 PM: Mount Everest Restaurant


Photo courtesy of @markinthemaking on Instagram

Many reviews call Mount Everest “the best Indian food delivery in the Oakland/Berkeley area.” Pair their garlic naan with basically anything, and you have a winning combo.

1 PM: Sushi Ko


Photo courtesy of Sushi Ko

If you’re a sushi lover, order now. They’re known for quick delivery times and for having over 70 different rolls to choose from. Like many sushi places, their rolls have intriguing names, but we definitely want to try the Cal Bear and Berkeley Roll Makimono before our 4 years are up.

2 PM: Julie’s Cafe


Photo courtesy of Julie’s Cafe

Classic American comfort food that just hits the spot — their freshly squeezed juices are too good to pass up. I mean, we’ve always wanted to know what the watermelon and cantaloupe juice combination tastes like. If you’re not feeling that though, they’re famous for their OJ.

3 PM: The Pearl House


Photo courtesy of The Pearl House

1. I’ve never seen so many Chinese food options in my life. 2. I’ve lost count of how many times reviewers have called their food “delicious” and “fresh.” Many have also called The Pearl House their “go-to Chinese restaurant.” 3. One reviewer said she received her food within 15 minutes. AKA where’s the order button?

4 PM: Nino’s Pizzeria & Brazilian Restaurant


Photo courtesy of @cloudoffood on Instagram

This combination of pizza and Brazilian food is too good to pass up. In addition to quick delivery, they offer eclectic options like Catipury Special Pizza and Rio’s Special Pizza. Plus, they have calzones (someone call Ben Wyatt).

5 PM: Eat @ Thai


Photo courtesy of Eat @ Thai Berkeley

Two words: Free delivery. Also, their menu encompasses everything Thai-food fanatics dream about, including curries, noodles, fried rice, soups, and even chef specials. For those who can handle the heat, Eat @ Thai will bring it — be prepared.

6 PM: Barcote Ethiopian


Photo courtesy of Barcote

Barcote Ethiopian brings an inspired selection that we’re all dying to try. Their Ye’tashe and Kitfo look incredible, and it’s only a $10 minimum to order.

7 PM: Yang Chow Restaurant


Photo courtesy of @dtf_downtofood on Instagram

For under $15, you can have Yang Chow at your front door. With almost 500 reviews and a 4 star rating on the Grubhub website, it’s not surprising that many are satisfied with their Yang Chow experience — and large portions of tasty food.

8 PM: Wiki Wiki Hawaiian BBQ


Photo courtesy of Wiki Wiki Hawaiian BBQ

Wiki Wiki will take you to Hawaii with their classic island dishes. Plus, their Kahlua Pork dish and Wiki  Wiki BBQ Mixed Plate sound incredible. PSA: For Spam-lovers, they have Spam in several of their dishes.

9 PM: Pizza My Heart (but order before 9:45!)


Photo courtesy of @janph16 on Instagram

With only a $1.50 delivery fee and many inventive pizza options, it’s no wonder Pizza My Heart has many positive reviews on the Grubhub website. The Big Sur and Fort Point are sure to satisfy all pizza cravings. Don’t see one you like? Feel free to build your own personal pizza with their plethora of toppings.

10 PM: El Burro Picante


Photo by Claire Tromblee

Open until 12:15, El Burro Picante offers free delivery as well as a variety of churros. Perfect for that late-night, sugary pick-me-up.