I travel to New York City a lot, and every time I go, there are always new foods that I want to try and restaurants that I want to visit. Since New York is home to the trendiest foods in America, there are always unique eating opportunities! Here are 14 foods that you need to check off your list during your next visit to the greatest city in the world. 

1. Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery is home to the most iconic banana pudding. Served by the bucket, this pudding sure looks worth all the hype. 

2. Pizza from Vinnie's Pizzaria

Located in Brooklyn, this pizzeria is known for its unique twist on pizza. They offer a range of toppings for meat lovers and veggie lovers. After looking at the menu, I know this is the place to go for good pizza. Did I mention they put the pizza on top of MORE pizza?!

3. Ice Cream from Kith Treats

Cereal is all the craze right now. KITH Treats lets you customize your own ice cream with a variety of different cereals and mix-ins. 

4. Anything from dō

If you have not seen pictures from this place, then you are probably living under a rock. This cookie dough specialty shop is designed like an ice cream shop, but offers cookie dough instead! If this does not sound amazing, I do not know what else would. I am so excited to check this place out! 

5. Ice Cream from Cha Cha Matcha 

I have actually been to Cha Cha Matcha and loved it. However, I have only tried their delicious Matcha beverages. Next time I go to the city, I need to make sure to try their ice cream, and you should too because I bet it tastes just as pretty as it looks.

6. Crispy Rice from Koi

I have seen pictures from Koi and the sushi looks gorgeous. However, my all time favorite is crispy rice. Koi makes it with the option of spicy tuna, yellowtail tartar, or truffle avocado. 

7. Rainbow Iced Latte from The Good Sort

Anything rainbow colored? I want to try it! I mean how gorgeous is this drink? 

9. Ice Cream Churro from Sweet Churros 

Churros are such a yummy dessert, but putting them in ice-cream! What could be better? That is why you for sure need to check out Sweet Churros for some homemade churros in ice cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

10. Avocado Toast from Two Hands

Avocado test has been trending for some time now, but this toast looks especially dank. Served with a poached egg and red pepper flakes! Yum!

11. Anything from Chick 'nCone 

Who doesn't love eating food from a cone? But fried chicken from a cone, now that is genius. 

12. Unicorn Cannoli from Gelso & Grand

This cannoli looks smashing! I mean literally, you have to smash it to eat it. An activity and dessert, how fun!

13. A Cronut from Dominque Ansel Bakery

I still can not believe I have not tried a Cronut from Domonique Ansel Bakery. Luckily, I have been there to experience the milk and cookie and shot and that was amazing, but my food quest will never be complete without trying a cronut. You know where to catch me early in the AM. 

14. Anything from Popbar

These ice cream pops are so pretty, but I am sure they taste just an incredible. How could you not have fun designing a custom pop? 

So, what are you waiting for? Book the next flight or train or whatever and get your butt to NYC for some delicious goodies! You won't regret it.