There are a multitude of delicious confectionary treats that can be found across Little Rock, Arkansas. While you may not believe there can be this many delicious options, let me tell you - I have tried them all! If you ever find yourself in Arkansas, make a trip to Little Rock and be sure to try a few of these out. If you are a resident, be sure to try ALL of them out. These delicious Little Rock desserts range from bakeries with owners who work behind the counter every day and learn your name to places with an Instagram aesthetic that cannot be beat. There also a variety of gluten-free and vegan options in the city meaning your sweet tooth can be satisfied no matter the restrictions. 

The following desserts are organized by classic confectionery wonders and delicious, cold spectacles. 

Classic Confections

1. Kris & Sam's The Box Lunch and Cookie Store

What to Try: Classic Iced Sugar Cookie

Bonus: They also serve lunch, and you can order a box lunch to pick up!

2. Old Mill Bread Bakery and Cafe

What to Try: Classic chocolate chip cookie

Bonus: They also serve lunch, and a chocolate chip cookie comes with every meal! 

3. Community Bakery

What To Try: Classic Iced Sugar Cookie

4. Cinnamon Creme Bakery

What To Try: Cinnamon Roll 

5. Mickey's Cakes & Sweets

Georgia Thomas

What To Try: Anything that Involves Cake

Bonus: This is a Black-owned and operated business in Little Rock, and their cake is the BEST!

6. Dempsey Bakery

What To Try: Iced Cookie

Bonus: They have a large variety of gluten free options!

7. Hurt's Donuts

What To Try: A Little Dirty - 6 Donuts You Select; I recommend selecting three cake and three traditional yeast donuts in your half dozen selection. 

8. Honey Pies

What to Try: Any pie - they also make mini pies, pictured above, if you only want a taste!

Cold Treats

9. Big Orange Milkshakes

What To Try: Pistachio & White Chocolate or the Shake of the Moment

Bonus: They also serve some of the best burgers in town and source many items from local businesses in Little Rock. 

10. Loblolly Creamery

What To Try: The Flight - 8 Flavors of Your Choice!

Bonus: They have a variety of vegan options. You can find them throughout the city in other local businesses and on store shelves. 

11. Shake's Frozen Custard

What To Try: A Concrete with mix-ins of your choice

12. Le Pops

What To Try:  Seasonal, Watermelon Lemonade Right Now

Bonus: Make sure to try whatever their current new flavor is. They often only have the flavor for a short period of time. 

13. Purple Cow MilkShake

What To Try: The Classic Purple Shake

BONUS: Art is In Cakes Bakery

Art is in Cakes offers small classes to teach you how to master baking skills including macaroons, petit fours, and so much more. Right now, their classes are live with the ability to get the ingredients shipped to you or pick them up at their local Little Rock location. 

Be sure to try a few of these delicious Little Rock desserts if you are given the opportunity. These businesses would love the support during COVID-19! They are almost all open currently, but the last few will be open come July!