After staying in this winter, you’re probably feeling pretty wanderlust. Where’s a better place to go then down the North East? We found you some of the best places with innovative, delicious foods to try this summer vacation. So please, indulge and let your summer body go because no one will be looking at your bod when you’re holding any of these yummy foods.

1. Fry Me-Up

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What’s a better way to work on your winter bod than to down some fried Reese’s on the beach (or dipping your pickle in some of their “sexy sauce”? Yes, you heard me right. Fried. Reese’s. This is for the ultimate foodies who don’t mind letting their summer bod go this year. It’s warm and chocolate-y and available at Fry Me-Up in the famous Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Shout out to all my Jersey buddies who can attest to these being the best things ever.

2. Iggy’s

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At Iggy’s Doughboys & Chowder House, their clam cakes are one of a kind: crunchy and obviously fresh. But, you can’t get them without the white clam chowder. New England is know for their clam chowder, but Iggy’s in Warwick, RI brings it to another level with their thick and creamy recipe.

3. Del’s

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Right in Rhode Island, Del’s is famous for their frozen lemonade but also sells a shandy, jewelry, and powder drink mix to make at home. Feel free to chow down and get a brain freeze while you’re laying out on the beaches this summer in Naragansett.

4. Thrasher’s

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Thasher’s fries can be found in Ocean City, MD, but they’re also in Delaware. They’re salty and thick-cut and paired amazingly with malt vinegar. You can see people all over the beach with a bucket of these famous fries, and they’re totally worth a try.

5. Dolle’s

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Dolle’s is located right in Rehoboth, DL and is celebrating 90 years of business this year. They have almost 20 different fudge flavors and each one is as good as the next. It’s old school and quaint, but they’ve opened up a ton of new places in Delaware to spread the fudge love.

6. Black Duck Cafe

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The Black Duck is right on the water in Westport, CT, and they are bringing burgers to another level. They put brie inside of their burgers and it is just as mouthwatering as you think it is. It’s a crowd favorite in Connecticut, and once you go, you have to come back.

7. Sea Bright

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Right on the beach in Sea Bright, NJ, you can get “A taste of old fashioned home-style cooking with grandma,” and what sounds better than that? Even after hurricane Sandy, Sea Bright Pizzeria came back with a mission to serve some of the best pizza in New Jersey. So, try the grandma: a homemade, crunchy, delicious pizza that even your grandma would approve of.

8. Cantler’s

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Cantler’s is located on the water in Annapolis, MD. They serve crabs in every possible way you can think of while keeping it old-school. Their old bay seasoning is drool worthy, and they serve hush puppies, which are amazing. Some out-of-staters might need to learn how to properly eat a crab, but it’s pretty easy to pick up on, so don’t be afraid to crack them open.