1. That day after your 21st.

2. And every day after going out following your 21st, really.

3. That time all of your friends had dates for Valentine’s Day, and you were legitimately afraid to leave your house due to singleness.

4. That time you had a big test and couldn’t possibly focus until pizza was in or around your mouth.

5. That time your windshield was covered in ice and your dad wasn’t around to scrape it off for you.

6. Winter in general.

7. That time your friends got take out, but you stayed home “to try to get fit for Spring Break,” and then they came home and it looked so damn good your salad wouldn’t cut it.

8. That time all of your sweatpants were dirty and your only option was jeans.

9. That time you stumbled home from the bars only to discover asparagus was the only thing in your fridge.

10. That time the new season of House of Cards was released on Netflix, and you knew you needed to get out of bed, but House of Cards.

11. Anytime you’re watching Food Network and the food in your pantry just won’t satisfy the cravings the various cooking shows have created.

12. And finally, the moment after you saw this…




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This post was sponsored by EatStreet