Surprise visits from parents can be nerve-racking. Your place is a mess and the last thing you want to do is to invite your parents in, so you suggest trying a new restaurant in town! 

Parents can be picky. If yours are, this list of 12 restaurants in Waterloo will be sure to have something for whatever your parents may desire, leaving all your stomachs happy for the drive home, or excited to explore other kitchens in the Waterloo area.

1. Timeless Cafe and Bakery // 305 Northfield Drive E.

Fresh ingredients and jazz music at the hidden old hen house on the edge of the Waterloo country. Definitely a local's favorite. 

2. Levetto Waterloo // 105 Oak Park Drive

The second location of the Toronto original restaurant specializes in Pasta and Pizza. Large portions and a local favorite at RIM Park. 

3. Stark & Perri // 56 King St N. 

This newer restaurant in Waterloo has a wide beer selection and menu. Whether on  the Patio or inside dining, your parents will be impressed there is something for the entire family. Just make sure you don't go too late on weekends, it is a bar after all.

4. White Rabbit // 47 King St N.

The tiny hipster hidden gem has an impressive 300 bottle back bar and diverse menu for all brave visitors. Be prepared to be asked if you would you like some Sriracha with any of the dishes! 

5. Famoso // 15 King St S.

My parents' personal favourite, this cozy pizzeria has a variety of different flavours for whatever you may be craving. Great location, food, service, and prices!

6. Taco Farm // 8 Erb St W.

This colorful location is delicious every night, but be sure to visit on Wednesdays for All You Can Eat Tacos! 

7. Mel's Diner // 140 University Ave W.

Cass Chettle

Head to Mel's for wicked old school diner vibe! Open 24-7, Mel's Diner never fails to impress for any meal. Breakfast for Dinner? You got it!

8. TWH Social //  1 King St W. (Kitchener) 

This Kitchener restaurant is a place to impress! With an extensive wine list and posh vibe, you can find it located in the basement of the beautiful recently renovated Walper Hotel. 

9. Frat Burger // 247 King St N. #1A-1B

Take out or sitting in, Frat Burger allows next-level customization! Don't be shy to try their Pulled Pork Poutine as an appetizer with your perfect burger! Just in case you were wondering, there is no affiliation with any Laurier/UW Fraternities.

10. Morty's Pub // 272 King St N.

Don't want to miss the Leafs game? Did someone say Wings? Beer too? Morty's has you covered. 

11. Zoup // 75 King St S.  

You cannot go wrong with the wide variety of soups, sandwiches, and salads for a quick lunch. Not to mention that you can taste test as many soups as you like before you commit to one.

12. Ken Sushi // 256 Phillip St 

Students call it the best Japanese restaurant in Waterloo because of its fresh selection of fish. This a-la-carte option will turn you away from all you can eat dining with just one bite. #qualityoverquantity 

Now that you have all these delicious restaurants at your fingertips, which one will you choose first? Enjoy!