The number of cafes in NYC can be overwhelming. From the coffee to the interior design, there are so many factors that are included when finding the perfect one for you. If you're looking for an aesthetically pleasing cafe, check out some of the best Insta-worthy cafes in NYC to get some inspiration for your next cup of joe.

1. Spreadhouse Cafe

A creative agency, cafe, bar, and an event space all in one place?! Spreadhouse is more than your traditional coffeehouse. Entering, you'd be surprised to find a rustic and relaxed interior that gives you good vibes from the get-go. Rugs, wood, and tropical wallpaper? This cafe has it all. What? They're also fully stocked with all the drinks you'd want until 11pm?! Omw!

2. Patent Coffee

Opened early this year, Patent Coffee is a smaller cafe that offers a wide array of coffees and sweets. Check in on Yelp and receive a free cookie! This place is perfect for someone who's on the go but still wants a cute pic.

3. Saltwater Coffee

Inspired and founded by a couple who grew up in Sydney, Saltwater Coffee is a Australian-style cafe that is serious about their love for coffee. Their beans come from The Little Marionette (a Sydney based roaster). They offer a varied selection from charcoal vanilla chai lattes to turmeric lattes to even a babychino (for the kids). Don't forget the totally aesthetic placement of everything here!

4. Project Cozy

Located in Nolita, Project Cozy is the perfect cozy cafe you'd want to chill with friends in. I first discovered Project Cozy when I was walking passed it and had to come back for a second glance because it's bright and clean interior caught my eye. When I finally tried it for myself, I was not disappointed. They offer unique items like the famous Bibble & Sip cream puffs, mint iced coffee, as well as, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Some say it's the east coast version of Philz — but try it out for yourself to decide!

5. Supermoon Bakehouse

Created by the same guys who founded San Francisco's Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Supermoon Bakehouse proves to be just as, or maybe even more, Insta-worthy. With their holographic theme, Supermoon Bakehouse showcases their pastries like prestigious works of art at an exclusive exhibition.

6. Café Integral

Nitro cold brew. Iced matcha fizz. You can get them all here along with a snapshot of their perfect interior! Although the space is kinda small, Cafe Integral is still cozy in its' own way.

7. Happy Bones NYC

Happy Bones has plenty of white-themed insta-worthy backgrounds for you to take the perfect picture. Inspired by New Zealand's amazing espresso culture, the founders create an unique environment in which coffee lovers can gather and thrive on the busy streets of Nolita.

8. Browny

Browny is an artsy cafe that delivers a variety of espresso drinks as well as even donuts from Dough (without having to trek all the way to the city). Perfect for catching up with friends or studying, Browny offers plenty of seating with marble and wooden tables. They also showcase huge art pieces with complements their minimalist aesthetic perfectly.

9. Toby's Estate Coffee

With five distinctive yet harmonious locations, Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters captivates you with their sleek and modern vibes. You might recognize their Brooklyn location, which has a very cool and intricate wall decor, from "The Intern" (2015) starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. It gets very crowded during peak hours so watch out!

10. Cha Cha Matcha

Love matcha and retro vibes? This is the perfect place for you! From lattes to soft serve to neon lights, Cha Cha Matcha has everything you need to add a little pop of color to your feed. They have two matcha(ing) locations in Little Italy and Flatiron.

11. Brooklyn Roasting Company

Known for their sustainably sourced coffees, Brooklyn Roasting Company has eight locations spread throughout Brooklyn and one in Manhattan. Their commitment to environmental and community sustainability definitely resonates throughout their locations. Their rustic and homey atmosphere surely calls for a delicious and rich cup of coffee. 

12. dot & line

"A line is a dot that went for a walk." This small, inviting cafe is located in Boerum Hill offers a variety of espresso drinks, hot cocoa, and even organic marshmallow fluff! They offer Scrabble pieces to pull your artistic coffee shot together.

Next time you want to do work or catch up with friends at a cafe in NYC, be sure to consider one of these awesome places! Not only will they guarantee to enhance your Insta-feed, but will also provide you with guaranteed good vibes.

Keep calm and coffee on!